We Can’t Wait Til June

If you’re going to do a cover, do it like this- rip it to shreds with volume and feedback and stick an American TV preacher over the end with the sound of breaking glass.

Surfin’ USA


What A Feeling

A song from 1990s Four To the Floor e.p. where Manchester’s A Certain Ratio returned to the dancefloor. Good Together is possibly my favourite ACR song- it opens with a vocal sample (Lou Reed) before a 303 kicks in, the song takes over, the Beach Boys get referenced and Bernard Sumner and Shaun Ryder give backing vocal assistance too. I never get bored of this.

Good Together

>Hang On To Your Detuned Guitars

Sonic Youth do their Sonic Youth thing to I Know There’s An Answer, a song off The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, which as everyone knows is one of the greatest albums since blah blah. This is pretty good actually, nicely ramshackle.

I Know There’s An Answer started life as a song called Hang On To Your Ego, which some members of the Beach Boys refused to sing claiming it was hippy nonsense. Which it probably was. Doesn’t make them right to make Brian go and change it though does it?

Carry Me Home Twice

And here’s the original. Everyone knows the story of Dennis Wilson- the only Beach Boy who could surf, good looking drummer, fell in with Charles Manson, lost much of the 70s to drink and drugs, made a great lost album, drowned. Carry Me Home, a lament for a dead soldier in Vietnam, was an out-take, never officially released. Dennis’ vocal is wracked with pain and sandblasted by coke and cigarettes. His great lost album Pacific Ocean Blue was re-released a while back and is well worth getting even though it can take a bit of getting into, but give me Dennis over re-recorded versions of Smile and Beach Boys copyist bands any day of the week.

carry_me_home original.mp3