Dr Lazarus

Timothy J Fairplay rises another notch up in the Bagging Area posting rankings with a track from a forthcoming e.p. (Love And Columbium). With electronic/dance music so much of it is about the quality of the sounds, and this one has really good sounds and is really absorbing. Plus, another video to give you sleepless nights.

In his Junior Fairplay guise Tim put 50 handstamped vinyl copies of a four track 12″ called How Do You Like Me Now? on Juno last week. Four tracks of electronic heaven. I don’t know how many are left but it’s a maximum of forty-nine. There are snippets of all four below.

Edit- the 12″ records; they’ve all gone.


Fairplay And Bratley

Here’s a couple of recent things from the Scrutton Street Axis, both tracks from the house music end of things and both a tad spooky. Craig Bratley’s Beat On The Drum has some deep, repetitive techno with a robotic voice and a very freaky,disturbing video.

Timothy J Fairplay has posted the demo of another Junior Fairplay tune on Soundcloud, Faxes From The Future (winner of the most retro-futurist song title award 2014). An early 90s breakbeat, one fingered keys, disembodied voices, oscillating noises. I’m really hoping that there’s going to be a Junior Fairplay album.

Sugar Puss

This has appeared from Timothy J Fairplay in a Junior Fairplay guise and it’s out soon on one-sided purple vinyl. Purple! One sided! No giant fold out poster though.

This is dance music like they used to make in the 90s- a breakbeat, a shout and some Korg. Highly effective and makes you tingle a little at the memory of nights lost in dark clubs full of dry ice and people who swore you were their best friend. And maybe briefly you were.