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I get stuff sent to my email inbox by people hopeful I’ll feature it here (not that Bagging Area has a glistening track record for breaking new bands). It’s not the reason I started blogging but I do feel guilty sometimes when peoples’ music sits languishing on my computer and I haven’t done anything about it. At the same time, this isn’t a new music blog and I’m not going to put stuff up here just because it gets sent to me. There’s a few things that have come over the last few weeks that might be worth having a look at though so I’m going to try to post some of them over the next few days.

I featured the low key electronica of Two Suns a bit under a year ago. Two Suns (Jake Davidson) is releasing an album by giving a download away every week for ten weeks (or you can choose to pay for it, naming your own price). This song -Not The End- is week four I think and described as ‘aggressive shoegaze’. It’s got a woozy quality I like. Find it here.


>Two Suns


This came via email a couple of weeks ago and it’s taken me a while to listen to it but it sounded good last night when the Manchester temperature eventually dropped below 25 (25! In April!). It’s an e.p. by Two Suns (in reality a chap called Jake Davidson), five songs long, largely electronic with some nice whispered, sing song vox and some interesting instrumentation. He lists Caribou, Squarepusher, Flaming Lips, Animal Collective and Deerhunter among his influences. You can find more here-

There’s a dreamy, slightly woozy quality to the whole e.p., and to this song, Wait The Same.

Two Suns – Two Suns EP – 02 Wait the Same.mp3#1#1