I’ve been into Mark Rothko’s paintings, especially the enormous Seagram murals, ever since I saw them at Tate Liverpool in 1988. I bought a print which was blue tacked to my wall throughout my numerous student/post-student house and flat moves. When Mrs Swiss and I moved in together we went the full hog and bought frames for pictures. A pair of Rothko’s have hung above our bed ever since. Finding this photograph on the internet the other night was a little bit of mindblower for me.

There is no real connection between that and this. Today’s music is by Kalli Ma, remixed by Timothy ‘Heretic’ Clerin. It is –
a) obscure (I’d not heard of the artist previously but had heard of the remixer)
b) quite out there sonically
c) unsettling but still danceable- the sounds are disquieting and freaky but the rhythms are for the feet
d) a free download

The blurb says ”Kalli Ma is an electronic ensemble influenced by DIY aesthetics to experiment and create forward-thinking music” and I am in favour of that.

Don’t You Think It’s Too Late?

Something brand new, ice cold and moody from Andrew Weatherall- should cool you right down. A remix of Pollux by Heretic, with echoes of early New Order in the first half, oscillating, wobbly synths and a robotic voice in the middle and a drawn out cosmic ending. Vinyl release soon I think.