Honkeyfinger ‘Running On Empty’ (Weatherall Remix)

One of the musical highlights of the last couple of years round at Bagging Area Towers has been the quality and quantity of Andrew Weatherall’s remixes. Primal Scream ‘Uptown’, David Holmes ‘I Heard Wonders’, Doves ‘Compulsion’, Manic Street Preachers ‘Peeled Apples’, VV Brown ‘Crying Blood’, Detachments ‘HAL’, Siouxsie Sioux ‘Into A Swan’ and Fuck Buttons ‘Sweet Love For Planet Earth’. Don’t think I’ve forgotten any. A massive return to form and no mistake.

This one sneaked out in the middle of last year. I got a very nice hand stamped and numbered copy of the 7″ from Rough Trade’s mail order. Honkeyfinger is a one man band (see also Dennis Hopper Choppers), and plays blistering blues, all distortion, screeching and stomping. AW strips it back a bit and boosts the drums up, lets it get into a groove. This remix sonically has little in common with the drawn out disco of Uptown or the blissed out noise of Sweet Love For Planet Earth or the dub-rock of Compulsion, but it’s an interesting addition, and one for your Weatherall Recent Remixes compilation cd or iPod playlist. Or is it just me that does that sort of thing?

running on empty weatherall remix.mp3