Radio Joe

Ofsted day 2. Yesterday was a long day.

All eight episodes of Joe Strummer’s BBC World Service London Calling radio show (from between 1998 and 2001) can be streamed here at PRX radio, if you fancy spending several hours of your time enjoying Joe’s eclectic mix of his own back catalogue, jazz, folk, afrobeat, punk, reggae and whatever else he fancied spinning.

Le Cadeau De Mariage

Ofsted- here we go. I don’t expect we’ll be asking them ‘…but why are you being so reasonable now?’

It’s got a bit of a bad reputation among Wedding present fans but I always liked Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now? from their golden George Best era. I saw them in Liverpool several times between ’88 and ’91 and once or twice since, and they were never less than great entertainment. I parted company with them in some ways after Bizarro (my loss really) but they’ve always been there, chugging away with tales of lost love, missed opportunities and walking home in the pouring rain. This is from the 12″, for the French indie market.

Pourquoi Es Tu Devenue Si Raisonable?


Ofsted. Phoned today.
Coming tomorrow and Thursday.

Back in September we had a mock Ofsted. And back in July one of the subjects I’m responsible for had a single subject inspection. And now they’re back. It is, obviously, an opportunity for us to show how good we are.

Johnny Marr’s new single up above- Upstarts- the best yet from his forthcoming lp, out next month on vinyl and cd- but not from HMV sadly.

>The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 4


OFSTED eh? They come in, crawl all over you, scrutinise everything you do, watch you work and comment on it, make a load of judgements and then leave. The sun still comes up the next day. For the record, we did pretty well and don’t expect to see them again until 2013/14. Relief is the main feeling I think, and knackeredness. Open a bottle of something Mrs Swiss.

This is Gene Maltais, whose Raging Sea we rocked to a few weeks ago when this series crawled out of the grave. Gene has a crazy baby. Hope she doesn’t steal hubcaps on her way home from school.

crazy baby.mp3

A Equals Action

We got a phonecall at work yesterday which makes this an important week for us. Mark Perry and ATV didn’t have the Office For Standards In Education in mind when they wrote Action Time Vision but it fits quite well. I don’t know how much blogging I’ll manage over the next few days. If I don’t post much before Friday, it’s because I’m a little busy. See you on the other side.