Vox Low Part Deux

I  found something else from Vox Low, a duo from Paris making entrancing and hypnotic spacey, pyschey, krauty music who I posted about on Saturday. They have an ep out on Astro Lab Recordings, four songs including this remix by fellow Frenceman Ivan Smagghe.


As well as his expansive, trippy Time And Space Machine guise Richard Norris puts out some deeper, darker, dancefloor oriented music, what he calls post-midnight ‘basement filth’. A single has come out this month for New York’s Throne Of Blood label. There are several remixes including one by Sean Johnston’s Hardway Bros but I think this is the pick of the bunch- Ivan Smagghe turning the bassline up and adding some 60s organ and gothic horror. Tense.

Two Men Thoroughly Outweirding Each Other

As promised a few weeks ago, The Boiler Room set Andrew Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe the challenge of trying to thoroughly outweird each other, back-to-back, through the medium of recorded music. Whether this will set your Friday morning alight I do not know. It’s fair to say that it rambles all over the place. Free download via Soundcloud.

Or watch them doing it on Youtube.

They Were All On Hard Drugs

The Boiler Room hosted a night recently where Andrew Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe were set the challenge of trying to out-weird each other, something each man stepped up to manfully. As soon as it gets loaded onto Youtube or Soundcloud I’ll put it up here. In the meantime, here’s an utterly ace Julian Cope song that got played- a new one to me.

Thanks to Alan Ant and the Ripped In Glasgow massive for the tip offs. Again.

Everywhere, they were all on hard drugs.

That’s My Story And I’m Sticking To It

I just found this and thought some of you might like it- a re-edit of The Mighty Wah’s mighty The Story Of The Blues single, lovingly unwrapped over eight and half minutes, for a true Balearic end of night escapade where you want just one last song to send you on your way before you spill out into the streets to see the dawn. May or may not be the work of Ivan Smagghe.  At Soundcloud here and available for download.

You’re my best mate you are.

Weatherall And The End Of The World

This one I missed and maybe you did too- an Andrew Weatherall and Ivan Smagghe playlist, each choosing the last five records they’d play in the face of the apocalypse. To listen only here.

>Way Out

This is a cracking song, from House Of Fix featuring Circa. It sounds like it could’ve been made anytime from the late 70s onwards by some combination of members of Wire and Can but according to Discogs was made by someone called Jason Leach, and released in 2003 by a record label based in Scarborough.

Repeating krauty bassline, Wire vocals, organ stabs, increasingly intense. You need it this Sunday morning. I got it off a mix cd Ivan Smagghe did called Death Disco.