Saturday Night Live

The Clash, live and red, red hot in Paris in February 1980. Jimmy Jazz, London Calling, Protex Blue, Train In Vain. As good as it gets.

Part Two? Koka Kola, I Fought The Law, Spanish Bombs, Wrong ‘Em Boyo, Stay Free.

Stiil here? Part three- Janie Jones, Complete Control, Garageland, Tommy Gun.

‘Tres bien mes amies. Fucking tres bien’.


There’s a very good Andrew Weatherall mix here, done for Modular People, to promote that splendid new Asphodells remix album- spaced out, melodic, cosmic, all that jazz. Featuring Fuxa, Japandorf, Julian Cope, The Warm Digits, Cavern Of Anti- Matter (new project from the Stereolab people), Forest Fire and Eat Lights Become Lights, it’s perfect for late summer evenings. Free download if you’re tempted.

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 117

‘You move 16 tons and what do you get?
Another day older and deeper in debt’

There’s a non-rockabilly cover version of rockabillyish song for tonight’s post- and from Mexico to boot. Alberto Vazquez’s 1963 cover of Tennessee Ernie Ford’s 16 Tons was a hit in Mexico and beyond. I’ve posted the Tennessee Ernie Ford version before, which I think is what led to Ctel furnishing me with this cover (and there’s also a Redskins cover too). And it gave The Clash the name and intro music for their 1980 tour. Good stuff all round.

16 Toneladas (16 Tons)


More sounds from what is patronisingly called ‘World Music’ (as if music from everywhere outside the English speaking world is all one big thing)- this time from veteran Ethiopian musician Mulatu Astatke (piano, organ, vibraphone, percussion). He’s got a new one out but this one is from Ethiopiques Vol 4. Jazzy and instrumental.

Yegelle Tezeta


This song is from a cd called Pomegranates: Persian Pop and Funk of the 60s and 70s. It’s a slow burning, groovy number with a lovely, ominous keyboard riff and a sultry vocal from Googoosh. I’m no expert on this type of thing but it really is wonderful.

Googoosh is the stage name of Faegheh Atashin, a widely known Iranian superstar (still active today with her own Googoosh Music Academy reality TV show). She was banned from performing after 1979 following the Iranian revolution, her flamboyant style hidden away by the Ayatollahs. She returned in 2000 and has been regaining Middle Eastern superstar status ever since.


Get Off Your Pretty Face

I can’t pretend I’ve anywhere near kept up with Julian Cope and all his output over the years and I don’t intend to start filling in the gaps now but the odd bit here and there is great- whether from his 80s pop era, his 90s phase or his more recent stuff. Brain Donor are Julian’s acid rock band. This is one of theirs…

Get Off Your Pretty Face

We’re off to Sheffield for a day or two- back posting Wednesday I should think. Have a good bank holiday (readers in England and Wales- everyone else, happy Monday).


70s dub is really hitting the spot right now- like this Lee Perry production of Leo Graham from Black Ark. Perfect for Sunday mornings.


More Clash Dub

An album of Clash songs done dubwise style by a Swiss reggae band may not set the heart racing in anticipation and may cause you to raise your eyebrow in suspicion… but you’d be wrong. Dub Spencer and Trance Hill released The Clashification Of Dub two years ago. I stumbled upon it the other day. It’s really good- lots of already dubby basslines from songs like Bankrobber and Guns of Brixton given the full version treatment with spacey effects and the unmistakable whiff of the skank but the real treats are the riskier dub versions of Lost In The Supermarket and Train in Vain, expansive, imaginative and beautifully played. Train In Vain is way out there in dubsville.

Train In Vain

There’s a lot of The Clash in the air right now. Mick, Paul and Topper can be found interviewed here for BBC Radio 4 (promoting that boombox shaped boxed set). There’s a pop-up shop about to open in London for a few weeks in September with a load of Mick’s memorabilia on the walls (and with a shedload of boomboxes to shift). And in early September Cerys Matthews will be interviewing the threesome for BBC 6 with an audience asking questions as well. As Drew remarked recently, London Calling may well be the best lp ever. And, three decades after they split, they still have a claim on that ‘only band that matters’ tag.

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 116

This is The Scarlets with one of those stomping and jumping instrumentals that seem to be ten-a-penny (or dime-a-dozen maybe more accurately) but still send a shiver up the spine and set the feet moving. I’m not sure this technically is rockabilly but it’s in the right area.


Dare The Dream

I’m enjoying Pure Bathing Culture’s Moon Tides album- although it seems a bit like those slightly desperate attempts to hold on to summer even though you’ve noticed that it’s getting dark before 9pm and that the shops are full of people stocking up on pencil cases and school shoes- autumn’s coming soon. The nine songs are all wistful, sing-song vocals and layered acoustic guitars over really nice metronomic drum machines. But while they still suggest long evenings, paperbacks with the pages all curled up and sunkissed skin its hard not to be left feeling a little melancholic and rueful.

Dare The Dream