Juan More For August

Summer looks like it’s packed it’s bag and gone south for the winter and it’s the 31st August which always seems like the cut off point, so for no particular reason let’s have some four to the floor Detroit techno action. This is Model 500, Juan Atkins by another name, and a track that can lay a claim to have invented modern machine music. Phased synths, bass, those snares, the sinister and robotic vocal. And let’s not forget this record was released in 1985.

A man called ‘John’ has phoned on the landline while I’m writing this post, claiming he is from Windows. He says my computer is sending lots of error messages to the server and that I have downloaded many files which may corrupt my hard-drive. He says if I just switch on my computer he can talk me through the solutions. Does anyone really fall for this kind of thing?