Solitary Kolokol

One of my favourite albums of last year was GLOK’s Dissident, Andy Bell’s synth- led cosmische trip outside Ride, taking in ambient soundscapes, atmospheric waves of sound, throbbing bass and a touch of acid. One of the highlights of the album was Kolokol which has now been remixed by London- based French producer Franz Kirmann, who takes the Balearic bliss of the original and refashions it into something that could have been made by Orbital in their halcyon days first time around. You can buy it at Bandcamp for one British quid.

By way of return Andy Bell has taken one of Franz Kirmann’s tracks from his album Madrapour (not heard it yet but will do and report back). The GLOK remix of Solitary is a ten minute exercise in post club comedown, little whirring, circling melodies and hissing noises, long washes of synth, building layers of sounds. Suddenly there’s a breakdown at four minutes where it becomes a bit of a techno banger before then dissolving into something more abstract again- melancholic, expansive and outward looking. This will also set you back a mere single British pound. Eighteen minutes of music for less than the price of half a pint of beer.

Unknown Plunderer

At the risk of repeating myself, here’s a new from Andrew Weatherall, a fired up, slo- mo dubbed out excursion. This is one from an e.p. out on Byrd Out next month along with another track called End Times Sound and a pair of remixes. Unknown Plunderer, the latest fruit from his writing and recording partnership with Nina Walsh, has Andy Bell laying down guitar lines over the top, clipped riffs ricocheting about over cavernous bass. Tasty stuff.

Plastic Bag

Andy Bell, guitarist in Ride, is on a creative streak. Not only have Ride put out a new album this year and Andy released his dreamy, cosmic GLOK album but he’s now put out a 7″ single under his own name as well. Plastic Bag is four minutes of introspection and beauty- some ambient noise, Eno-esque piano, slowly drifting, delicate vocals and a guitar line carried in from over yonder. Sounds like it could play over the end credits of a film as the road and the hills recede into the distance and the screen fades to black. Magical.

The single is only available as part of a singles subscription club through Sonic Cathedral. £100 gets you a series of limited singles released between February and December this year. It’s here. All depends on how flush you’re feeling.


GLOK’s debut album Dissident comes out today, Andy Bell’s seven track cosmic departure, its grooves and bytes full of vibrant kosmiche synths, ambient sounds, motorik drums and stellar guitar parts. The album was sent out digitally when I first ordered it and it sounded great in early summer. I’m looking forward to diving back in with the physical release- it’s well timed too as it chimes well with a lot of what is sitting near my stereo at the moment. Some time ago an edit of the twenty minute title track was sent out to those who’d bought the vinyl/cassette version, an edit by sound engineer Leaf Troup, seven minutes thirty- nine seconds that sounds like outer space exploration with warm pulses and dancing synthlines.

Monday’s Long Song

This is rather gorgeous and at just under nine minutes pretty long too- banks of cosmische synths, waves of warm sounds, insistent drums. It’s by GLOK and called Pulsing, appropriately.

There’s a very limited edition cassette of a seven track album already sold out but fear not, the album is out digitally in early July and opens with a twenty minute epic called Dissident. GLOK, it turns out, is Andy Bell, the guitarist from Ride (who also have an album out later this year).  This is by some distance the best thing that any former member of Oasis has been involved in.

Making Friends With The Invader

I was mucking about with the effects and filters on my phone’s camera and managed to do this to the picture I took of the forum at Pompeii. I was quite pleased with it- it looks a bit like a place where Captain James T. Kirk would fight a rubber alien and then meet a girl and explain to her that ‘on earth we call this kissing’.

Andrew Weatherall, mentioned once or twice in these parts recently, has a new e.p. out at the end of the month on the Byrd Out label titled Blue Bullet. It includes this mighty and exploratory dub influenced excursion featuring none other than Andy Bell (of Ride) on guitar. Apparently he’d popped into the studio where Weatherall and Nina Walsh were at work to try out a Les Paul that was for sale and was then asked to contribute to the track. The results are out of this world.

Hall Of Mirrors

Oh look! More new Andrew Weatherall remixes. Two of them, this time reworking London band The Early Years, makers of experimental, drone, motorik music using guitars and synths. I’ve posted them before. Weatherall turns in a pair of remixes, each one long and expansive, with melodies and noises and machine rhythms. The first one is lighter, hypnotic and more playful, the second darker and foreboding but with a nice piano break to let some daylight in.

Elsewhere on the ep Andy Bell of Ride and XAM get stuck in. It’s out now, four track vinyl at your usual vinyl emporium or download at Sonic Cathedral. All four remixes are on the player below.