Last Pulse

Another Hallowe’en related post, for all my saying I’m not a fan. This is an eerie slice of breakbeat led, 80s horror film indebted electronica and very good it is too, from Slighter whose apocalyptic romance Our Own End I posted a while back. Available for free from Bandcamp. Well worth the email address exchange involved.

All Hallow’s Eve

Trick or treat? Neither, go away you pesky kids.

I’m not a big fan of Hallowe’en but it gives me the excuse to post this slightly disturbing picture from the USA in 1959 and this mix from Mr Weatherall from this time last year- an hours worth of spooky sounds and plenty of 50s and 60s rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly and psych, featuring amongst others Gin Gillette, Sparkle Moore and Ronnie Cook and the Gaylads (with Cramps’ cover Goo Goo Muck).

Mulletover Halloween 2011 Mix

You Said You Were Careful, You Never Were With Me

Arab Strap’s Packs Of Three contains possibly the most attention grabbing opening line of any song I’ve heard. They always sounded like a night out/total existence that had gone about as wrong as it could, so whether this song is an advert for safe sex or not I’m not sure.

Packs Of Three

Lose Your Love

Brand new up on Youtube today, an Andrew Weatherall remix of Lose Your Love by Le Carousel (from an e.p. out at the end of November). Nice video too with that camera trick where everything looks like models doing stop-motion animation.

When He Spoke She Smiled In All The Right Places

It’s a small skip and jump from Roddy’s Aztec Camera to Edwyn Collins and Orange Juice. Their Postcard single Blue Boy is a hyper-excited rush of trebly guitars and fresh faced enthusiasm that sounds almost too good three decades later. They’d never make it to bootcamp. Tulisa would criticise Edwyn’s singing. The whole thing could fall apart at any moment. Gary would do that smirk thing, shaking his head slowly. Louis would say he couldn’t see the wow factor. They’d have to be re-styled to look exactly the same as everyone else. And to sound the same as everyone else. Lord help us.

Blue Boy

Edit; I’ve just remembered that Blue Boy was a B-side. A B-side!

I See You Crying And I Want To Kill Your Friends

There aren’t many days that can’t be immediately improved by a spinning of Aztec Camera’s 1983 single Oblivious. Brilliant tune, sprightly guitar playing, cracking lyric, and written, recorded and released when Roddy Frame was twelve years old or something. When Rough Trade put this out it just missed out on the  top 40. When WEA re-released it was a hit. Bloody majors with their big budgets.


Montevideo Horror Show

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay. Apart from being a lovely word to say, Montevideo was the home of the first football World Cup back in 1930. In the picture the French national team relax on deck on their way to the finals which were eventually won by Italy. Host nation Uruguay would go on to win the following tournament four years later.

Montevideo are also a Belgian indie pop outfit who produce music for fans of ‘funereal beauty’. They’ve made this song Castles (remixed by spindly legged, black clad Horror Tom Furse) available for free download from Soundcloud. Starts out all murky then lurches into sunny psychedelia. Just the thing for Saturday morning at the start of half term.

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 79

Back to the 50s for tonight’s rockabilly, this time with Bobby Lord and a wonderfully unhinged vocal performance. Bobby’s had enough, Lord knows, no more, no more, no more.

No More, No More, No More

Edit; Mediafire don’t like this one. Here’s an alternative way to hear it.

Deborah Ann’s Got A Tiger In Her Hips

The Gun Club’s first album, Fire Of Love, is a Bagging Area favourite, best played loud. Its best known song is Sex Beat, a prowling four chord romp. Their punk driven country/rockabilly formed a substantial part of The White Stripe’s make up, amongst others. On Two Lone Swordsmen’s Double Gone Chapel album Weatherall and Tenniswood turned in a fine cover version having added  guitars and singing to their electronics. The single version came with a remix of Sex Beat that flipped back to the low key electronics of earlier TLS.

Sex Beat (Remix)

As a bonus here’s The Gun Club playing Sex Beat at The Hacienda in 1983…

And a fan made video featuring Wild At Heart and a whole load of Hollywood dancers…

Keeping It Peel 2012: What Ain’t We Got?

We Ain’t Got Mates.

October 25th has become Keeping It Peel Day in recent years, a series of blog tributes to John Peel’s radio shows, eclectic tastes and the influence he had on so many people who just wanted to hear the stuff they weren’t playing on daytime radio. Recent news stories have left a bit of a bad taste in the mouth where Peel is concerned (even if none of the stories are actually news. He wrote about the underage Texan wife in his autobiography published after he died, having been completed by his wife Sheila). I’m not entirely sure where I stand on all of this re: Peel at the moment but we’ll Keep It Peel musically anyway.

Half Man Half Biscuit were Peel Sessioneers on six occasions (I think). The magnificently titled Four Skinny Indie Kids Drinking Weak Lager was from a 1998 session and features Peel introducing it. Verse 1 kicks off with –

‘Bleak cheap interview
Pool cue fancy pants
Chic Bates apricot
Short term sweat
Hamstring monument
Shark shit welterweight
Topsoil Chapterhouse
Christ-like mince’

And has this as a middle eight-

‘We’ve got lo-fi, we’ve got tie-dye
We’ve got grey and brown and black
We’ve got stickers on guitars
We’ve got a tape for Steve Lamacq
We’ve got celibate lead singers
We’ve got Sebadoh’s and Docs
But what ain’t we got?
We ain’t got mates’

Four Skinny Indie Kids Drinking Weak Lager