The Great Lost Band Of The 90s

There’s general agreement round Bagging Area’s way that One Dove’s Morning Dove White is the great lost album of the 90s, packed with Weatherall’s production, great songs, Dot Allison’s vox and loads of after-club atmosphere. In their limited back catalogue there’s a few other gems- I’ve posted their cover of Jolene and the Weatherall remix of Breakdown (Squire Black Dove rides Out). This song, Skanga, was tucked away on the Why Don’t You Take Me single (various formats, cd, 12″ double pack etc). I think by this point the record company were getting a little desparate for a hit. Skanga is five and a half minutes of dub-house loveliness with a strangely off key vocal from Dot. What’s bemusing is why the album featured two versions of two of the songs, White Love and Breakdown (it had both the superior Weatherall mixes and inferior Stephen Hague radio mixes of each song), when this and Jolene would’ve made an eleven track beauty. But then whoever thought record companies knew what they were doing?

One Dove – 02 Skanga.mp3


Space Woman

I was going to go for a Bunnymen hat-trick with an obscure late period B-side but judging by the download stats no-one’s that interested, so instead here’s a superb piece of space disco from 1977, Space Woman by Herman’s Rocket. Containing far less cosmic cheese than The Ultimate Warlord from a few weeks back, this is a great track with a huge synth bassline.


Through The Fog We’ll Keep On Beaming

Here it is, the song that’s been in my head all day- The Game by Echo And The Bunnymen. It’s the last great Bunnysong by the original line-up, released in 1987 as the first single ahead of their self-titled fifth album (otherwise known as the grey album). The album was panned, the band didn’t like it, or each other. Result? The US loved it, it sold half a million, they did a tour of enormo-domes, and later co-headlined the Monsters Of Alternative Rock (ugh) tour with New Order.

01 The Game.wma#1

C C C Cucumber

I woke up this morning with Echo And The Bunnymen’s The Game playing in my head- not sure why, maybe it’s September becoming October and that stuff in The Game about changing seasons and everybody having their own good reason why their favourite season is their favourite season. Maybe not.

I’ve just realised I don’t have The Game on the hard drive, so it’ll have to wait until later in the week. In the meantime, here’s a crackers remix of Thorn Of Crowns. Go Home Productions Mark Vidler has produced many wonderful mash-ups, including Ray Of Gob and How Soon Is Independance, both featured previously at Bagging Area. This isn’t a mash up. It’s Thorn Of Crowns (possibly my least favourite track from Ocean Rain ‘the greatest album ever made’, the one where McCulloch goes ‘c c c cucumber, c c c cauliflower, c c c cabbage’) remixed with an in-yer-face electronic backing. The band apparently loved it. I imagine Bunnymen purists will hate it. I’m somewhere in between. See what you think.

Thorn Of Crowns (Go Home Productions remix).mp3

Default Mode- More Audrey

One of the best records from the last few years- Fuck Buttons’ Sweet Love For Planet Earth, remixed by Andrew Weatherall. Music to lose yourself in. Smoking.

Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Andrew Waetherall Remix).mp3

I’ve Been Waiting So Long

A third track from David Holmes’ mix on the London Xpress NME/Xfm free cd for you, following the Family Of God and Joy Zipper posts last week. This is Ella Fitzgerald covering hoary old rock band Cream’s Sunshine Of Your Love, and it’s really, really good, with horns replacing that guitar riff and predictably huge vocals.

I have now broken a Bagging Area unwritten rule of not posting anything by Eric Clapton, even though he doesn’t appear on this. And yes Clapton apologists, I know, Yardbirds, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers etc, but it’s a personal prejudice formed in the 1980s and I can’t do anything about it.

19 Sunshine Of Your Love.wma

Railway Crossing

We’ve been camping near Carnforth, Lancashire this weekend for a friend’s 40th (cold nights, no rain, sunny days, drunken evenings, very good all told). We were waiting at a level crossing with this Underworld song pumping away on the car stereo, complete with ringing bells and the sound of trains whooshing past.