That’s It Ladies And Gentlemen, Blues Explosion!

So says Jon Spencer. It turns out, following finding this recently and then going digging, that I have three Jon Spencer Blues Explosion albums, which came as a bit of a surprise to me. If someone asked me what bands I liked we’d be talking for some time before I mentioned them. When they’re good though, they’re very, very good. And I haven’t got the album I’ve always thought I had (Now I Got Worry)- or if I did ever have it, I haven’t got it now. This song, 2 Kindsa Love, is off Now I Got Worry. This live performance from Australian TV is phenomenal for several reasons.
1. The riff.
2. Jon Spencer’s performance, which removes the fourth wall. And the backdrop while he’s at it.
3. It was recorded in the morning.
4. Extended use of the theremin.
5. The band are bang on the beat.
6. As a look black shirt, black trousers and white shoes works.

HSD- I think you’ll like this.

>On The Pill


In a similar vein musically to yesterday’s Chain And the Gang song this is The Pill by Heavy trash. Jon Spencer (of Blues Explosion fame) is a man for side projects, forming Boss Hog with his wife and Heavy Trash with Matt Verta-Ray (formerly of Madder Rose). Heavy Trash lean towards the rockabilly and country end of garage rock. This track is less rockabilly and more psychedelic bad trip.

The Pill.mp3#1#1