Green World Blue Realm

Back at the start of the decade I downloaded this song from a music blog (Davy H’s now defunct The Ghost Of Electricity).

Another Green World (The Blue Realm Remix)

Mojo Filter takes Brian Eno’s Another Green World, the Arena theme tune for those of a certain age, and gets it all loved up. The voice in the song says ‘L-O-V-E love’ and that’s largely what it sounds like. This is a piece of music so glorious, so uplifting, so beautifully out there, it should  be posted on an annual basis. As it is, I haven’t posted it since May 2012, for which I can only apologise. May 2012 seems like another world entirely doesn’t it? Six short years ago but a world away in many ways. You don’t need me to spell it.

Back in the mid 80s Alan Moore took Swamp Thing, a minor DC comics character and wrote a series of stories that redefined what comics could tackle. Illustrated by Steve Bissette and John Totleben it was a weird trip into all sorts of places comics didn’t really go including inter-species sexual relationships. In the edition from April 1984 Swamp Thing had to come to terms with the realisation that he wasn’t human, that he had lost his humanity and lived in the Green. Moore peppered his writing with pop culture references- this issue’s title was Another Green World. There’s a full account of the story of Swamp Thing #23 here. When I finally sold all of my comics Swamp Thing was one of a handful that I hung on to.

Today also happens to be my Dad’s 80th birthday. Happy birthday Dad.