This is the perfect summer tune, the sound of beach and sea and sunsets, and even if those things are all a long way off at the moment it might in some small way plug the gap while it plays. It came out at the end of July, Apiento’s remix of Cantoma with Luna Asteri on vox.

Actually, as well as being very holiday evocative it’s almost overwhelmingly melancholic too. Cantoma’s own tagline is ‘music for far away places’. Truth.


DJ and producer Phil Mison has released records as Cantoma, a Balearic project from a man who held down a two year residency at the Cafe del Mar. The album Just Landed came out in 2014 and was followed by some vinyl only remixes and extra tracks, all of which were collected into a digital release in 2015 called Remixes And Bonus Tracks. Self explanatory. The extras albums is easily as good as Just Landed, chock full of laid back summer charms and some dancier, uptempo tracks. This one is a current favourite, opening with funky drums and percussion and then awash with bubbling synth lines, dreamy basslines and flutes.

Tabarin (Whatever/Whatever Remix)

Just Landing

More instrumental, blissed out vibes for late December, this time courtesy of Cantoma (Phil Mison). Phil is a veteran of the legendary Cafe del Mar, the scene for those Mediterranean sunsets. Many say that the true Ibiza experience has been ruined by mass tourism and corporate sponsorship- they may be right- but Phil has put out several records in the last few years attempting to capture the true spirit. Firstly, in 2016 in his Cantoma guise, a beautiful album called Just Landing. Physical copies are long since sold out (although relatively pricey Japanese imports are available on eBay). It can be bought digitally at the usual places. This co-production with Danny Rampling, Claudio’s Theme, is spot on.

This year Phil put together a compilation called Out Of The Blue, a trip through a laid back and open minded record collection, which has this Frank de Wulf  recording from 1992 on it, a starry-eyed, sun-going-down moment spread over seven minutes of vinyl.

The End