>Not A Friend


Cat’s Eyes, the duo formed by The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan and Canadian classical musician Rachel Zaffira, have an album coming out soon. This is Not A Friend which sounds a bit like a Phil Spector 60s girl group recording with Joe Meek in a Holloway Road bedsit.

Cat\’s Eyes – Not A Friend.mp3

>Side Project Death Match


Nick Cave’s hirsute side project Grinderman get remixed by Faris Badwan’s mascara’d side project Cat’s Eyes to good and somewhat spooky effect. I imagine no-one involved sees these as side projects, but it’s a bit inevitable. Faris Badwan, spindly goth/art-rock front man from the Horrors, has joined up with Canadian classical starlet Rachel Zeffira to make music inspired by Italian horror soundtracks and the 60s girl groups, with an e.p. and album to come. They played their debut gig at the Vatican. Amazingly, they make all these things seem like really good ideas.

When My Baby Comes Cats Eyes Remix.mp3