Perfect Motion

This record, especially in its 12″ remixed form, is exactly what some dance nights sounded like in 1992. Sunscreem were from Essex and were remixed by the great and the good of the scene, in this case by Pete Heller and Terry Farley for Boy’s Own. This is long, designed for dancing too and to be mixed into and out of. A long progressive house track which edges towards trance, up and positive with a pumping bass and drums, repeating synth parts and a couple of lines of vocal floating over the top. This samples Simple Minds, their early 80s electronic classic Theme For Great Cities, which I posted here recently. There’s a breakdown at 6.40, a moment to pause for breath and raise one’s hands in the air, someone would whistle, then some rave hoover bass comes in, and then the keyboard starts to build again. On and on in perfect motion.

Perfect Motion (Boy’s Own Mix)

Let The Music Use You

The Summer of Love, 1988 version, is being celebrated in many places at the moment, not least at Mixmag. Two veterans of the scene and Boy’s Own alumni, Terry Farley and Pete Heller, have put together a mix of records that were big that summer. This could easily be accused of being a total nostalgia trip if the tune selection from the Boy’s Own duo wasn’t so great, including This Brutal House, Adonis, Ralph Rosario, Tyree, A Guy Called Gerald, The Night Writers, Turntable Orchestra, The Beloved, Marshall Jefferson and Ce Ce Rogers. Get Farley and Heller’s words on the records are here. It is a bank holiday weekend here and this is an ideal soundtrack to three days off.

Into The Woods

This is a treat, an hour long mix Nancy Noise has done for an upcoming festival put on by Boy’s Own. Nancy will be playing along with Terry Farley, Omar S and a bunch of other Balearic names. This is a summery, up, good vibes mix with some latin, some Frenchness, some afro and plenty of bounce. As a bonus you can download it for free too.


1.  Jeff Kite – Timelapse
2.  Dele Sosimi – E go Betta (O’Flynn Edit)
3.  Alkalino – Vivo
4.  Riccio – Marcela
5.  Ric Piccolo – Sube
6.  L’Oiseau Dore – Moar
7.  Katunga – Palo Bonito (Nick the Record re-edit)
8.  Barrabas – Woman
9.  The Apostles – Banko Woman
10.  Puzzle People – French Fried Boogie
11.  Loco Moto
12.  Negrocan  – Cada Vez
13.  Leonidas & Hobbes – Web of Intrigue
14.  Nit – Imparfaite

Another Dawn Appears

It’s Friday, so as Drew puts it, let’s dance! One of the fine blog in my list to the right is Madchester Rave On, a cornucopia of 1988-1992 delights. Last week this song was posted…

Saturday’s Angels

A 1990 release from If? that is a joy from start to finish, the sort of record that sent clubs into a frenzy, especially those clubs in the faraway towns- Warrington, Blackburn, Burnley- those kinds of places which had rabid club scenes with loyal punters. In fact there are many out on the net who will testify that it was Legends nightclub in Warrington that made this tune. Saturday’s Angels was very nearly a proper hit too after the group appeared on The Word but they missed out. If? included Sean McClusky (ex of Subway Sect and JoBoxers) and were faces on the London club scene of the late 80s and early 90s. Here’s The Word performance in shaky VHS upload format from the Youtube account of the man himself, Terry Christian…

It demands to be followed by this from Paradiso, also from 1990, released on Boys Own…

Here We Go Again (Stairway To Heaven Mix)

Clock Factory

Following Drew’s post on Friday- it doesn’t take much for me to return to Weatherall- here’s some early Sabres Of Paradise, illustrated with a photo from Boy’s Own fanzine (captioned in Lord Sabre’s own hand I believe). Clock Factory took up an entire side of the vinyl release of Sabresonic (1993), a tad under fifteen minutes long. Across its seven tracks (or eight if you count Smokebelch the Beatless Mix, an extra 7″ in initial copies and added to the cd release) Sabresonic has cuts aimed fairly and squarely at the dancefloor (Still Fighting), some very smart dub-house (RSD) and some more abstract, broken beat ones (Ano Electro). Clock Factory is the more ambient one of the set- whirrings and tickings and time moving slowly but purposefully.

Clock Factory

Is This The Way The Future Is Supposed To Feel?

Or just fifteen thousand people standing in a field?

I found this footage online, ten minutes of videotape from the massive Sunrise Energy rave in 1989. It’s a fascinating piece of social history, so many people dancing in an aircraft hanger and outdoors in broad daylight. The stars are the crowd- black and white, male and female, all of them dancing- all of them- a mass of colourful clothing and dry ice. At the end a couple of cars are on fire- no-one really seems to notice.

‘You want to call your Mother and say ”Mother, I can never come home because I seem to have left an important part of my brain somewhere, somewhere in a field in Hampshire.”

Away from the utopian dream of a new rave based way of life the two men largely responsible for Sunrise Energy were Tony Colston-Hayter and Paul Staines. Colston-Hayter was a young Tory entrepreneur and named in the papers as ‘Acid’s Mr Big’. He claims he was an anarcho-capitalist. The Shoom crowd say he was regarded as a Hooray Henry, a ‘loud dickhead and a laughing stock’. Last year he was jailed for five and a half years for masterminding the theft of £1.3 million from Barclays by hacking into bank accounts. Paul Staines is the unpleasant right-wing blogger Guido Fawkes. Nice one, top one, sorted.

Boy, Am I Gonna Wake You Up

We drove into town on Saturday and I had a Boys Own compilation on the car stereo which opened with Bocca Juniors’ summer of 1990 song Raise. They made a video which features a bunch of kids, gorgeous singer Anna Haigh and the rest of the Boys Own crew (Terry Farley in a hat, Andrew Weatherall with long hair). Very summer 1990. Although what you don’t get with this three minute version is the massive Thrashing Doves piano sample…

For that, you need this (and you really do need it)…

Balearic Berkshire And A Remix

Today I offer you two Weatherall related items that popped up when I was away that you might have missed.

First a twenty minute documentary about the late 80s Berkshire acid house scene, documenting the spread of house music, clubbing, drugs and loose fit clothing from the Balearic islands to the Home Counties, a scene Mr Weatherall was an early part of- Shoom, Boys Own, Terry Farley and Primal Scream all included. It’s highly recommended and a great watch, the pictures and footage especially. It’s also amazing both how long ago it all looks and how beautifully romantic it all seems, as your past is served up as history. You can find it here courtesy of Dazed Digital.

And from the old days to bang up to date, there’s a remix of the very recent Asphodells and Friendly Fires track Before Your Eyes by Jack Savidge- a banger for the dance floor, free download.


There’s been nothing from Lord Sabre here at Bagging Area for well over a week so here’s a couple of clips from Youtube to remedy the situation.

First up, Weatherall, Terry Farley and Pete Heller interviewed for the long lost and lamented Snub TV (from BBC2, late 80s). The clip is memorable partly for Weatherall’s long, curly hair and biker boots. The trio discuss London’s acid house scene and how they helped  invent it. Also features a Bocca Juniors video.

Second up, Weatherall djing in a club in Belgium last year. Somewhat better than your average club clip due to being filmed and put together by someone who seems to know what they’re doing rather than a drunkard with a mobile phone, it features a heavily bearded Weatherall playing cds (gasp, shock, horror, not vinyl!) to  a crowd significantly younger than him. Judging from the clip the Belgians haven’t banned smoking in clubs yet and there’s always a girl dancing on her own right in front of the record cd players. Records played in the clip- his own remix of Fuck Buttons Sweet Love For Planet Earth and Briosky’s Radio Anatomy (I think).

Enjoy your Saturday.

>Raise Your Hands If You Think You Understand

While we’re in the Weatherall area I thought I’d post this for Friday morning. It popped up on the mp3 player the other day driving to work with the sun shining and sounded really good. Bocca Juniors were the inhouse studio band of the Boys Own collective/magazine/cultural trendsetters/ex-football hooligans. In the studio this amounted to Andrew Weatherall, Terry Farley, Pete Heller, Hugo Nicholson and vocalist Anna Haigh, along with for this record a massive piano sample from Thrashing Doves’ Jesus On The Payroll. So, it’s got those pianos, well-balearic all-roundness, Anna Haigh’s Alastair Crowley quoting lyrics, and a rap in the middle as many good songs had back then.