Weatherall techno week continues- stop groaning at the back, yes, I can hear you. I think this will be the last one, and these tracks weren’t even on the tape I found but they would have fitted very well.

Switzerland were, I’m pretty sure but feel free to correct me fellow anoraks, Martin Price’s post-808 State outfit. Sabres Of Paradise did three mixes of their track Inflight but they were never released, white label only. I don’t know why.

I went to Switzerland once, about 12 years ago- a conference for medics and scientists dealing with the set of genetic diseases called lysosymal storage diseases or mucopolysccharidosis. Our son, now 15, has MPS1 and we were invited to give a parental perspective. Lake Geneva is beautiful. We took a cable car part way up  a mountain. On the Saturday evening I sat with an Italian geneticist and we smoked the biggest cigars I have ever seen. He got through the whole thing. I didn’t.

Inflight Mix #1 has Bunnymen Cutter-esque style strings and a breakbeat. Mix #2 has rave keyboards, a chopped up vocal and a breakbeat. Mix #3 has a big electronic bassline and sax. All three are very good and I can’t choose between them, so have all three.

Inflight (Sabres Mix One)

Inflight (Sabres Mix Two)

Inflight (Sabres Mix Three)

Edit: when I wrote this post I still had some bandwidth at Boxnet. Now I don’t- you can listen to them but if you want to d/l you’ll have to wait until Monday.