Four Tet drip fed another new one onto his Bandcamp page last week, another taster for his upcoming album Sixteen Oceans. Baby is melodic, padding about softly until the thin kick drum comes in. The vocal comes from Ellie Goulding, cut up and looped, fading in and out. Birds tweet and water runs during the breakdown, over long synth chords and then the voice and the drums come back in. The effect is pretty magical, like everything Kieran Hebden touches at the moment.

Keiran keeps different identities for different aspects of his music. He began dropping his own edit of a Nelly Furtado track into his DJ sets which he released just under a year ago as KH, a full on house banger called Only Human, with a couple of lines of Nelly’s vocal (from a 2006 song) sped up and repeated so that it sounds like a playground chant.

‘You’re so afraid of what people might say/ but that’s OK ‘cos you’re only human’.

Meanwhile the rhythm tracks bangs away, four on the floor, in time with that strobe.

Only Human