Run For The Sun

Right then- midday today and we’re off, hitting the road and driving to The Jura, that bit of France just above Switzerland, eleven nights in a Eurocamp tent at the campsite pictured above. The vino, the fromage, and the jambon are calling me. Thankfully when we booked back at the start of the year we decided to cross from Hull to Zeebrugge so are avoiding what looks like a nightmare at Dover- Calais.

This Dinosaur Jr song is called Run For The Sun and that’s pretty much what we’re doing. The weather in the north west of England has been poor, nothing in the way of summer except for three hot days at the start of July. So, hopefully France will deliver us some sunshine. In this song Dinosaur Jr channel their inner Beach Boys and turn in something very good indeed. Unlike the video, which is shite. Video only again I’m afraid- I’m putting off making a decision about a filehosting service until I get back from France. Have a good time while I’m away, see you in two weeks. A bientot!


Sunday’s Not For Everyone

Andrew Weatherall has been back on the decks and the mic at NTS radio with the July edition of Music’s Not For Everyone- this one includes Jah Wobble, King Tubby, Tommy McCook, Wild Billy Childish, Wire, Vox Low and his new outfit Woodleigh Research Facility. I think you’ll enjoy it.

This Weatherall remix of Jagwar Ma’s Come Save Me from summer 2013 has been running through my head for the last few days. It is a stunner and sounds not unlike the kind of job he might have done to an indie guitar group circa 1991, which would lead to them saying ‘there’s always been a dance element to our music’ on page 19 of the NME.


And It Was Bliss

We had to run around in the car yesterday doing odds and ends pre-France holiday and rifling through the cd compartment I found The Jesus and Mary Chain’s 1992 album Honey’s Dead. So I stuck it in and played it. The kids, also in the car, were delighted obviously.

There was an interview in Melody Maker when the lp was released where the Reid brothers admitted that they felt they’d almost been made obsolete by Madchester and that Honey’s Dead was a shot at reinvention and certainly some of the songs here have an early 90s sheen and the drums are looser than before. The title itself refers to killing off Honey, a trademark of the early years. Opener and leading single Reverence has never been my favourite JAMC song, despite its ominous rumble and controversial lyrics (banned by the Beeb). It was always good live but I can skip it on cd. Far Gone And Out is a good radio song. Teenage Lust is a decent approximation of its title. I’ve always liked Rollercoaster (resurrected and re-recorded from the four way tour with Blur, MBV and Dinosaur Jr). There’s a smattering of good album tracks as well. But this sounded stunning. I’ve always loved this song but I could nearly hear it with new ears yesterday.

Almost Gold must have been written the day William woke up in a good mood (or the day after he discovered ecstasy), a love song with hardly any self loathing or alienation, wide eyed and up and full of bliss.

‘I couldn’t give you more than this
I was born and it was bliss
I have died for a thousand years
Tasted salt of a thousand tears
And your kiss was almost gold’

You’re A Better Man Than I

This is the new single by The Libertines. Woah, come back, it’s much better than it has any right to be…

Cutting the pace to a half speed reggae time- woah, that’s twice, now come back and sit down- the trebly guitars are all present and correct, Pete and Carl take verses each and it sounds alive.

The Libertines reformation didn’t look too promising admittedly but Pete and Carl surely know that they’re only half as good (at best) individually and apart than when together. Debut album Up The Bracket is a blast, a proper good modern British indie rock album, and they are few and far between. The follow up was weak, we all know that. In between Bernard Butler got this out of them, the best thing they ever did, an absolute peach of a single…

Cold Cuts

I was flicking through the random music TV channel again- you can tell I’m off work- and out of nowhere this came on…

Doctorin’ The House features some of the more obvious samples you might associate with Coldcut, squashed into a three minute forty five single, with Yazz singing the refrain and doing the dancing. It was in the top ten for four weeks in 1988. To be honest, this single has its charms but I’m a little ambivalent about it.

Whereas their 1995 double cd Journeys By DJ 70 Minutes Of Madness is brilliant- inventive, audacious, witty and fun. And a dancer. It takes in their own Beats And Pieces and mixes in Red Snapper, Junior Reid, Jedi Knights, Depth Charge, the Dr Who theme, Plastikman, Moody Boys, Photek, Masters At Work, Mantronix and dozens more. Turntablism can disappear up its own backside sometimes but this is peerless.

Sweetness And Light

There’s something about 1990 at the minute- I don’t know if it’s a twenty five year rule (like the official release of parliamentary records) or that my subconscious is particularly attuned to records that came out in my twentieth year or (most likely) it’s just coincidence but I came across the video for this the other night and it sounded brilliant and beautiful. Sweetness And Light was Lush’s second single. I bought it on 12″ when it came out (October 15th 1990) and I imagine it was Single Of The Week in NME or Melody Maker or both. It’s stuffed full of lovely jangly guitars and a great little chord change, shoegaze sheen and Miki Berenyi’s whispered singing- today it sounds pretty poppy. The video is a riot of 1990 psychedelic effects.

Crack Mix

Yes, yawn, repetitve but here’s another hour long Andrew Weatherall mix, this time for Crack Magazine. Starts off weird, goes chuggy, gets quite intense with a touch of electro and then shifts gear for the final fifteen. Superb stuff. Dig in. Free download too.