Uncertain Smile

Mrs Swiss is away for the weekend with friends at a cottage in the country- a weekend that started on Friday afternoon and she has craftily managed to get to last until half way through Monday. Yesterday afternoon while child no. 2 was at a danceshow rehearsal, I convinced child no. 1 that we should do  a little record shopping. We went to Soundwaves in Stretford Arndale to pick something up and then popped into the ever excellent King Bee Records in Chorlton. Isaac’s tolerance for record shopping is limited so it was a hit and run affair, straight into the dance/house section followed by the 80s indie/alternative rack and then Factory and Related. Didn’t get to punk, he lost interest and the shop was pretty full. We left shortly after with a handful of winners. Like this one, the 12″ of The The’s Uncertain Smile. This video isn’t much to look at but the song, the song is first rate, and it uses the full 12″ of vinyl space to great effect.

Another Christmas Post

Another Christmas post, this time from the king of festive cheer Mr Billy Childish. I saw him do this song live in London, on a very warm day in May, a few years ago. Good fun. As Billy sings repeatedly over a killer guitar riff, merry fucking Christmas to you all. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re doing it with- have a good Christmas.

Christmas 1979

It Was The Start Of The Summer

Hello. It’s June.

Ash’s Oh Yeah is the sound of being seventeen and in love/lust. I heard it yesterday while the sun came out and shone on us up here in the frozen north and it sounded like the summer that Tim Wheeler wrote about in the lyrics. We’ve just had the coldest spring since 1962 or thereabouts. I think we all need some sun.

Oh Yeah

Dirge Dub

I missed a comment left a month or so ago from a reader called J who was looking for this- Death In Vegas’s Dirge (with the lovely Dot Allison on vox) remixed by dubmaster Adrian Sherwood. And though this may tip me towards the edge of the monthly bandwidth with Boxnet I’ll stick it back up anyway. Dubbed out Monday nights.

Dirge (Adrian Sherwood Remix)

The Girl Who Waves At Trains

Ha! Another one- although this one is The Girl Who… rather than The Girl With…
Stephen Duffy’s Lilac Time have get plenty of gems hidden in their back catalogue- this is one of them.

The Girl Who Waves At Trains

Advent Post Number Seven

Carole Lombard and friends are here to help you with that door on that calendar when they’ve finished decorating their tree. Got any last minute shopping to do? Not me, all done. Oh yes. But there’s always something else you’ve got to nip out for isn’t there?

My copy of this Jackie Edwards 7″ gets played every Christmas- it’s more than a bit worn, full of crackles and scratchy. Love those reggae string stabs.