I Found A Peanut

Today reader and former blogger George plants his peanuts- that’s not a euphemism. He emigrated to Portugal a year or two back and is actually planting peanuts today. The peanut planting season begins now.

Here’s a song about peanuts from Kid Congo Powers and The Pink Monkey Birds. Anaphylactic shock to a garage rock beat (to misquote the Pet Shop Boys).

I Found A Peanut

Dance Me Swamply

I’ve been enjoying the new Kid Congo Powers album, Haunted Head. It’s not going to change your life or anything but it’s a good ten tracker, a bit swampy, a bit subterranean. On a lot of the songs Kid Congo and his Pink Monkey Birds sound like they’re the lounge band at the gates of somewhere grubby and sticky but strangely attractive. Garage-lounge you could call it.

Dance Me Swamply

Hey Kid

Kid Congo Powers, one of the coolest men in surf, rockabilly, doo-wop, voodoo garage rock, has been touring recently. Frustratingly he played Manchester the same night we had tickets to see Johnny Marr. The former Cramp, Gun Clubber and Bad Seed is somewhere in Europe at the moment and the gig reviews have been top notch. This was a single a month or two back- very swampy.

Kid Congo and his Pink Monkey Birds have a new album out at the end of May (which is already looking like an expensive month for records). This was the title track off their last album Gorilla Rose (which I really liked but not as much as the previous album Dracula Boots which I loved).

Gorilla Rose

Leather Cliche

Kid Congo Powers probably doesn’t have anything as prosaic as a CV (or a Resume if you’re reading this in the USA) but the Former Employment section would be more interesting to read than most of us manage- Cramps, Gun Club, Bad Seeds. His third album with the Pink Monkey Birds came out last year- Gorilla Rose- and was a stylish, garage guitar goodie bag. This is from his 2005 album (Philosophy And Underwear)and has all the sort of things you’d want from a Kid Congo Powers record.

Even Though Your Leather Is Cliche

>Floor Length Hair

Kid Congo Powers played guitar in both The Cramps and The Gun Club (and Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds) and his album from two years ago, Dracula Boots, got played regularly round here. I’ve just discovered Kid Congo and his band The Pink Monkey Birds have got a new album out, Gorilla Rose. So that’s on the shopping list. This is from a split single from last year (the other side was by Hunx & His Punx. Anyone?), a thrilling piece of garage rock called Floor Length Hair, that makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up a little.

Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds ‘Rare As The Yeti’

Kid Congo Powers survived being in both The Gun Club and The Cramps. His real name is/was Brian Tristan but I think, especially looking at the picture, Kid Congo Powers suits him better. Last year he released an lp, Dracula Boots, which this track is taken from. It’s a blast of cool modern garage rock, with interesting lyrics (‘You’re rare as the yeti, not quite as pretty’). The rest of the album is in a similar vein, some funkier songs, some covers, some instrumentals, some more garage rock. It was recorded live in a high school gym, and sounds like it (and I mean that in a good way).
By the way, just noticed, my hundredth post.

rare as the yeti.mp3