Thin White Rope

There was a chain of record shops in the 80s called Penny Lane Records, well stocked, biased towards 60s, indie, garage, guitars, surly staff, that kind of thing. They had a branch at the top of Penny Lane in Liverpool, one in the town centre on Bold Street and one in Chester. I bought Thin White Rope’s Red Sun in the Chester branch in 1988. Dunno why I remember why I bought this record there, I just do. I’d read about Thin White Rope in the NME or Melody Maker, maybe they had the much coveted Single Of The Week spot. Without the internet you had to take a chance in them days, often buying something unheard. Crazy, eh kids?

Thin White Rope came out of the Paisley Underground scene but the songs on Red Sun are much more in the desert rock/90s-2000s Americana vein, an earlier version of Calexico and their ilk. This is the one I remember off the e.p.

Town Without Pity

I don’t think I ever bought anything else by them. If I did, I haven’t got it any more. Or it’s been filed in the wrong place.

The picture is Man Ray’s portrait of Ernest Hemmingway, sporting hat and bandage.

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