Shot Right Through With A Bolt Of Blue

While we’re doing Joy Division and New Order let’s have Frente!’s much loved cover version of NO’s Bizarre Love Triangle (from 1994). It’s good sometimes to hear familiar songs done differently- this is very sweetly sung with an acoustic guitar picking away. You could call it twee if you wanted to. I think I would.

Bizarre Love Triangle


The hole in the ground in the photograph was The Hacienda, Whitworth Street. What other city in the world would have allowed one of the most important parts of its cultural history to be demolished? The view at the time was ‘we are not sentimentalists, tear it down’. Now there’s a pretty nasty apartment block on the site called- yes, you guessed it- Hacienda Apartments.

Here’s the 1986 original of Bizarre Love Triangle. Epic in every way.



A reader (Colin Dickson) sent me a link to this recently- Mr Weatherall live at the Hacienda in 1993- you can find it at BLOG51. The blogpost also mentions Hacienda resident dj Tom Wainwright, who I went to school with and, true fact, whose sister was my first girlfriend (aged 13 or something).