Double Up

Not one but two new Andrew Weatherall remixes for your enjoyment today. The first, a brooding remix of Mark Lanegan’s Beehive from his new record, brooding but shot through with electricity. Lanegan’s voice gets fed through an echo unit and there’s a nice guitar part half way through before the beat comes back in. Very good indeed.

From the press release- Weatherall says of the remix, “I’ll be honest, when executing a remix usually the first thing to go is the vocal track. There are however exceptions. Mr Lanegan singing ‘lightning coming out of the speakers’ (or let’s face it Mr Lanegan singing full stop) is one of those exceptions.”

The second is a remix of Sydney duo Heart People, fired up breakbeats, whooshing synths, fast paced with a cool vocal. Free download.


Sad Disco

This song would fit really well on a compilation or playlist with the previous two posts (Glass Candy’s Warm In The Winter and Forest Fire’s Future Shadows)- Mark Lanegan’s Ode To Sad Disco (off his lp from this time last year), one of my favourite songs of 2012. I’m not sure I’d have put much money on this grunge survivor recording a convincing, uplifting yet melancholic dance track- but Mark Lanegan did it and did it in some style.

Ode To Sad Disco

Digging Graves, Digging Disco

Mark Lanegan, grunge survivor and scary guy, has a new album out which you should think about getting. Not now, when pay day comes in a week or so. It’s got some of the sparse blues his 2004 Bubblegum lp had, and that voice that sounds like gravel but it’s also got some fuller rockers and the uptempo drum machine and keyboard song Ode To Sad Disco, almost worth the price of admission on it’s own. Seriously, grunge-disco, it’s really good. While you’re waiting for payday listen to this one.

The Gravedigger’s Song

>I’m Not Scared Of The Dark


I hardly ever listen to this kind of thing anymore. I suppose that in the early 00s there was so much good alt-country/noir/whatever you want to call it, after I while I just got a bit bored of the whole sound. Isobel Campbell and ex-Sreaming Tree Mark Lanegan do it so well and three albums later it’s not running out of steam. From last year’s album Hawk this is Come Undone, and it’s totally mesmerising, with brilliant backing and the voices wrap themselves around each other beautifully. Plus, it still amuses me that a former member of Belle And Sebastian is mucking about with Mark Lanegan, and is telling him what to do.

Come Undone.mp3