>Burnage’s Number One Band


Stockholm Monsters came from Burnage, South Manchester and spent much of the 80s trying to make a success of being on Factory Records. They had all the benefits- Peter Hook as producer and cheer leader, Anthony H Wilson’s patronage, gigs with the other bands, some press coverage, beautiful sleeves. However as most Factory bands before ’87 found out, if you weren’t New Order you didn’t sell records, not outside the Greater Manchester postcode areas anyway. They started out fairly sparse sounding and post-punkish, trumpet and keyboards as well as guitars and driving drums, and eventually prefigured some of the Madchester sound with electronics and grooves, and a Perry Boy (Mancunian scallies essentially) image. They split in 1987 having been overtaken at Palatine Road and in the press by Happy Mondays. This song came out at the end, Partyline, and it’s flawed but worth your while. Produced by Hook, Partylive Mix from the 12″, Fac 146 in case you were wondering.

Partyline (Partylive Mix).mp3#1#1