Something For The Weekend Madam?

Picking up where Lux left off last night, Memphis Minnie advising her partner to ‘keep on eatin’, ’til you get enough’.

Keep On Eatin’


Another Something For The Weekend Sir?

From the Vintage Sex Songs compilation, Blind Boy Fuller (1907-1941) celebrates the sweet honey hole. Whatever can he mean?

Something More For the Weekend Sir?

More from Vintage Sex Songs, this time from The Swallows (ahem), an R’n’B group active throughout the 40s and 50s. Singer Eddie rich continues to perform today, well into his 70s. Here he offers us his thoughts on size…

Gig review of Mick Jones, Pete Wylie et al to follow when my head stops hurting.

Something Else For The Weekend Sir?

More from Vintage Sex Songs, a double disc set of r ‘n’ b, jump, jive and blues songs. Poon Tang is slang- Urban Dictionary describes it thus. Readers who are easily offended should not click.

The Treniers, led by identical twins Cliff and Claude Trenier, played a cross between early rock ‘n’ roll and swing through the 1940s and into the 50s, influencing many of the early rock ‘n’ rollers including Bill Haley. It says on wiki. Here they celebrate poon tang.

Something For The Weekend Sir?

Browsing the compilations section of a certain megastore recently I found a cd entitled Vintage Sex Songs. The blurb on the back read ‘Hard drivin’ Papas and Mamas contribute suitably uninhibited celebrations of sex on this compilation of hedonistic songs. Usually delivered with an ironic humour they’re often single rather than double entendre’. A fiver. Go on then.

Forty songs, blues, jump jive and similar, a riot of horns, double bass, bawdiness and licentiousness. This is the heroically named Bull Moose Jackson and a 1948 hit Bow Legged Woman.
‘She’s gotta be built like a big bass fiddle
Big bow legs and a hole in the middle
Gotta be on my way
To find a bow legged woman today’
The album also features The Swallows ‘It Ain’t The Meat (It’s The Motion), Papa Charlie Jackson ‘You Put It In, I’ll Take It Out’, Memphis Minnie ‘Keep On Eatin”, Barrelhouse Annie ‘If It Don’t Fit, Don’t Force It’, Wynonie Harris ‘I Want My Fanny Brown’ (US fanny rather than UK), Bo Carter ‘Banana In Your Fruit Bowl’, Lucille Bogan ‘Shave ‘Em Dry’ and, as they say, many, many more. I’ll let you have the pick of the bunch. Meanwhile, here’s Bull Moose and his request…