We Start Over

It’s Christmas Eve- I haven’t got anything planned to be happening here for the next few days and I don’t expect to be blogging again until the 28th or thereabouts. I hope all of you have the Christmas you want, whatever you’re doing, wherever you are and with whoever you’re with. I’ll leave you with this…

My end of year list had a couple of omissions that I thought I should cover. The first was LoneLady who I just completely forgot about- the album Hinterland is full of sparse early ACR style guitars and bass, a record inspired by the spaces underneath the Mancunian Way.

The other was this single called We Start Over from Steve Cobby complete with a gorgeous vocal by Trudie Dawn Smith. Steve Cobby appeared in my albums of the year list but this single is rather special too and it slipped my mind.

The remix by Apiento and Lx is what I am calling deep chug. Guaranteed to have arms waving in the air and the hugging of strangers on New Year’s Eve. See you in a few days.



Downstairs in the room where the records are I’ve been playing Ultramarine, Orbital, The The, That Petrol Emotion, Dot Allison, Joy Division and New Order and The Wedding Present recently. That’s probably obvious from what I’ve been posting. In the car and on the move I’ve been listening to three new albums- Moon Duo, Mugwump and LoneLady, which have all worked well shuffled up together.

LoneLady’s been getting some press and rightly so. Her second album Hinterland has just come out (on Warp) and is a funky affair- early 80s Manchester sounds and tone (New Order, ACR, Factory, empty nights at Hacienda before anyone went), some skittering guitars and a love of concrete. She’s from Manchester and some of this record feels like a walk around underneath the Mancunian Way at dusk. Austere but with a lightness of touch too.


This is the video for Bunkerpop, filmed in a concrete World War II bunker near Hull. I can almost smell it.