We haven’t had much 60s garage rock round here for a while so here’s The Standells with Medication. Their best known song is Dirty Water which opened the classic Nuggets compilation and which was posted here about a year ago. This is an equally good blast of garage action- short, rough and dirty. You could probably play most of The Standells back catalogue while listening to yesterday’s Wilco track or the David Holmes monster.

On a medication note we take I.T. to the hospital today to get his cochlear implant switched on. Fingers crossed.


The Standells ‘Dirty Water’

A blast of premium grade 60s garage band goodness, The Standells Dirty Water. I was in King Bee records in Chorlton a while back and found this on 7″, and started to make for the counter until I noticed they wanted £20 for it, which I would have had difficulty justifying to Mrs Swiss. Or myself for that matter. This got to number 11 on the US chart in 1966. Altogether now.. ‘Frustrated women, have to be in by twelve o’clock’

Dirty Water (Stereo).mp3