How Did It Feel When The Clocks Went Back?

Is just one of the lines in this Baxter Dury song, Pleasure, off his new album. It’s a belting little tune, with a nagging 80s electro pop melody and some motorik backing and Baxter’s hard won wisdom.

The answer is ‘shit’ of course. It’s always shit when the clocks go back.


Spasticus Autisticus

Is this cheating? I’m counting it as Latin.

Ian Dury’s primal rage, ‘ a battle cry and an appeal for understanding’ to quote wiki, standing up and being counted as a disabled person…’ I’m Spasticus!’. Written in 1981 as a protest, deliberately provocative, fed up with being patronised, it got little airplay or record company support. It popped up in 2012, performed by Orbital at the London Paralympics opening ceremony.

As the parent of a disabled child, a carrier of the gene that caused it, I can empathise.

>All My Brain And Body Needs


I’ve never really delved at all into Ian Dury’s music. I’ve got a 7″ of Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, and there are songs that have always been around but I never felt the need. A while back I saw the Ian Dury film Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll for three quid in the supermarket so I bought it, and the other night Mrs Swiss and I finally got around to watching it. It was really good. Obviously rock biopics tend to follow a certain line- dingy gig, band splits up, new band forms, on the up, bigger gigs, record deal, sex & drugs etc, crash and burn, some wisdom is gained- but it was done very well, and the whole polio and Dury’s childhood backstory were well handled. Andy Serkis is excellent as Dury and Bill Milner is outstanding as Baxter Dury, Ian’s son. Recommended.

So, when I was passing Fopp recently I popped in and bought a cheap compilation cd and now I can’t believe I got to neary forty one years old without these songs being a part of my musical life- Wake Up And Make Love With Me, Sweet Gene Vincent, There Ain’t Half Been Some Clever Bastards, Spasticus Autisticus, I Want To be Straight and a load of others. Ian Dury’s lyrics, wordplay and delivery were something else and those Blockheads could whip up a storm, and a funky storm at that. I suppose now I can begin the fun of delving into the back catalogue properly.

02 Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.wma