You’re A Better Man Than I

This is the new single by The Libertines. Woah, come back, it’s much better than it has any right to be…

Cutting the pace to a half speed reggae time- woah, that’s twice, now come back and sit down- the trebly guitars are all present and correct, Pete and Carl take verses each and it sounds alive.

The Libertines reformation didn’t look too promising admittedly but Pete and Carl surely know that they’re only half as good (at best) individually and apart than when together. Debut album Up The Bracket is a blast, a proper good modern British indie rock album, and they are few and far between. The follow up was weak, we all know that. In between Bernard Butler got this out of them, the best thing they ever did, an absolute peach of a single…


It Started Fast But It Ends So Slow

If you can ignore the soap opera, the tabloids, drugs, the band of a generation, burglaries, supermodels, prison, arrests, blood and syringes, break-ups, re-unions, solo bands and side projects, ‘the fifteen quid I just shelled out for your second album’ (quote Nigel Blackwell), and all the other detritus and debris that surrounds The Libertines, you’ll notice that Don’t Look Back Into The Sun (B-side to I Get Along in 2003) is a magnificent song.