This isn’t facebook it’s a music blog but still- I got an emergency dentist appointment today. A few weeks ago I lost part of a filling to a chocolate brownie. The only appointment I could get then was for the dentist to confirm I had lost part of a filling and to make an appointment for him to fix it. The nearest appointment was on October 24th. So, unable to get it sorted out for six weeks, I’ve since been chewing on the right, wincing at hot/cold drinks, swallowing pain killers and dulling it with alcohol. Until last Sunday when it got really bad, with shooting pains round my head and non-stop jaw/gum/toothache. I finally got a proper emergency appointment today where I was drilled, filled, capped, scaled and polished. And told I also had a partially erupted wisdom tooth which had got infected. Much of the pain is now gone, replaced by a different, post -treatment pain, which is better. At least it’s different pain.