Wahre Liebe

Factory Floor’s live soundtrack to Fritz Lang’s 1929 Weimar sci-fi masterpeice Metropolis comes out today. I’ve been looking forward to this since the Heart Of Data/Babel 12″ came out back in February. Their score is film length, an hour and fifty minutes long, and is out on double cd or quadruple vinyl (and you can imagine how much that costs).

In 2011 Factory Floor’s Real Love single was remixed by Glasgow clubbing veteran JD Twitch, a controlled collision of analogue synths and digital drum machines.

Real Love (An Optimo Espacio Mix)

I was showing some young people (16-17 year olds) some clips from Metropolis earlier this week as part of their studies of Weimar Germany and its culture. I don’t think the jawdropping special effects or the look of the film or its technical genius of the film was lost on them although some of the acting is very hammy 90 years later. They were equally if not more impressed with Nosferatu which they found genuinely freaky. And then one of them mentioned they already knew Nosferatu from this…

Colder Music

One to blow those post New Year/back to work cobwebs away- this came out in 2006 which seems pretty recent but frighteningly is six years ago. Colder was the name for Marc Nguyen Tan, a French DJ, remixer and graphic designer who made some very post-punk influenced dance music. This was one of his best tunes- To The Music- remixed here by Optimo (Espacio) which means the beats are that little bit crisper, the bass that little bit tauter, it all goes a bit mad around the three minute thirty mark and increasingly mad thereafter. Blinding.

To The Music [Optimo (Espacio) Remix]