A Whisper In The Darkness

Timothy J Fairplay has a debut album out next month, following a slew of ep and 12″ releases over the last couple of years and a stint as an Asphodell. The blurb from Dutch record label Charlois adds several new genres to Timothy’s already pretty unique list of musical areas covered- proto techno, horror disco and forlorn wave. The last one, forlorn wave, is a beauty to add to the Stasi disco and rare gloom tags that were my previous favourites. Twelve synth and drum machine tracks over four sides of vinyl, out on February 20th. Things are looking up.


Up In Heaven

This is an often overlooked Clash song, an album track from an album with more than it’s fair share of album tracks (Sandinista). Up In Heaven (Not Only Here) is a Mick Jones rocker with a taut guitar riff and tales of life (and Mick’s own childhood) in London’s tower blocks where ‘the wives hate their husbands, the husbands don’t care’ and the water pipes make banging noises, as do the neighbours.

Trellick Tower is a monolithic piece of 60s concrete brutalism that looms large in Clash myth and BAD psychogeography.

Up In Heaven (Not Only Here)