Gone Girl

This single from March 1996, from David Holmes’ first album This Film’s Crap Let’s Slash The Seats, is an absolute beaut. Jazzy, early hours of the morning, downtempo vibe, drums played with the brushes, stand up double bass and the lovely vocals of St Etienne’s Sarah Cracknell, especially the ‘you can never go home anymore’ line. There were two 12″ singles and a couple of cd singles with a load of remixes as well, but the original mix is hard to beat.



This an excerpt from an absolutely lovely, ever-so-slightly moody electronic throbber from the combined talents of Black Merlin and Timothy J Fairplay, off an ep of remixes, out on vinyl soon or now. Not sure which. I’m assuming it’s an excerpt as it’s only two and a half minutes long; it certainly needs to be longer- about five minutes longer.