A while back this caused a brief spike in internet traffic and Twitter buzz- Dolly Parton’s Jolene slowed down from 45rpm to 33. It is really rather good.

Mediafire continues to cause problems- they don’t send a message or anything, just slap a big letter C for Copyright Protected on the file at my end so it can’t be downloaded. The Prisonaires last Friday and Wendy and Lisa got hit straight away but the Orb didn’t. I don’t know how they do it or what qualifies. I’m hoping this one might get through but can’t guarantee it- Irma Thomas’s Breakaway at 33, all bluesy and gravelly.

Breakaway (33rpm)


Guest Post! I May Regret This

My 6 year old daughter has seen me doing this and asked what I’m doing. When I explained about the blog she said she wanted a go, so here it is, a guest post by E.T…..

I like this song because i like dolly parton .I like the rhythm
and i like the music i also like the way she sings.