>What She Came For

While in Helsinki the other day I tried to find a record shop. Stupidly I’d forgotten to research this before going to Finland. Eventually, with the help of several passersby, I ended up in Antilla, a department store with cds and – shock, horror- a fairly random selection of vinyl. I ended up with the recent e.p. of cover versions of Franz Ferdinand songs (only 9 Euros) and a nice re-pressing of The Ramones’ Rock ‘n’ Roll High School album. The Franz Ferdinand e.p. features Debby Harry with the Franz boys, LCD Soundsystem, Peaches, Stephen Merritt, and ESG. ESG’s cover of What She Came For is the pick of the bunch, their skeletal post-punk funk still rocking and bouncing thirty years after the Scroggins sisters first picked up instruments, paid for by their mother to keep them out of trouble and off the streets.

>Archduke On The Dancefloor


Franz Ferdinand- loved their first album, not fussed much by the second, didn’t even buy the third. I’ve fallen into the same pattern with Arcade Fire (whose second album Neon Bible I disliked from the first time I played it). The only thing I have off Franz Ferdinand’s third album are two remixes of No You Girls, one by The Juan Maclean and this one by Gatto Fritto, where FF get bent into all kinds of electronic funk shapes for around nine minutes.

No You Girls (Gatto Fritto Remix) (Gatto Fritto Remix).mp3