Out Of Our Brains On The 5.15

Passing one of Sale’s many charity shops on Saturday I wandered in to peruse the box of vinyl. I left a few minutes later having rescued Secret Knowledge’s Sugar Daddy 12″ for the princely sum of £1.99. Yes, I’ve already got the original release but this one was in a different sleeve and had a different version (the Sugar Caned Mix) and another remix on it too (by Paul van Dyke, trancey). Secret Knowledge were Kris Needs (journalist, friend of The Clash and Primal Scream, legendary caner and crow’s nest hairdo owner) and Wonder (vocals, big voice). Sugar Daddy came out in 1993 on Sabres Of Paradise and is a long, thumping house track, a big club tune of the time. Also on this charity shop classic is an equally good remix by The Disco Evangelists (David Holmes and Ashley Beedle), with a nod of the head to Quadrophenia. It is a banger.

Sugar Daddy (Out Of Our Brains On the 5.15 Mix)


Our dear friend Sarah Howson was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago. She died on Friday August 2nd, aged only 42. We had just arrived at our campsite in the French Alps when we got a message saying that she had gone. Today is her funeral- I am reading the eulogy (which I hope to make it through without crying and can’t guarantee). She was a wonderful, warm, funny person who has provided no end of friendship to us. She leaves behind a husband and three girls, a huge number of friends and a lot of memories.

Sleep On The Left Side (Ashley Beedle’s Right Hand Extended Remix)

This is a link to a Justgiving page, if you feel like donating. Fucking cancer.

Boy’s Own Stuff

Compilation albums are ace- I don’t mean a single band’s Greatest Hits or Best Of (although they can be ace too) but compilations of a theme, time period, genre or record label- and cd suits this type of compilation perfectly. You get one disc of 80 minutes worth of music pulling together a range of releases that together make some kind of thematic sense and that soundtrack a time, place, mood, whatever.  Recently I’ve been listening to the pair of Junior Boy’s Own Collection comps- the first one mainly, the one with the mock cigarette cards cover, the second one less so (the one done to look like The Eagle comic). I’ve had the first one on vinyl for years but found both on cd in a charity shop last week for a pound each and couldn’t help myself. The first one has eleven early 90s dance tracks all of which have merit. Some are bona fide classics- Lemon Interrupt’s harmonica-house epic Bigmouth, X Press 2 (appearing twice), Underworld’s definitive pairing of Dirty Guitar and Rez (their best song? I think so), The Dust Brothers’ Song To The Siren. The others have aged well, much better than I’d expected- Farley and Heller’s Fire Island project (two songs including Paradise Factory anthem There But For The Grace Of God), Roach Motel’s Movin’ On, 3rd Eye and Outrage. This JBO compilation is a document of a time and place, or several places, and of ephemeral music, made quickly to be played in clubs to make people dance, but has actually stood the test of time. So, picking one at random, let’s have X-Press 2 (Rocky, Diesel and Ashley Beedle) with some four to the floor action.

London X-Press

Electronic Rudie

I don’t usually post mixes but I’ll make an exception for this one- Ashley Beedle’s Electronic Rudie, a dub mix done for the ever excellent internet radio station Beats In Space back in 2009. This is very, very good and finds dub in some pretty unusual places. Give an hour or so over to this and you’ll feel a whole lot better afterwards.

Generations Walking – Midnight Bustling (Francois Kevorkian Dub)
Basement 5 – Immigrant Dub
The Pop Group – 3:38 –
Dub Pistols feat . Rodney P – You’ll Never Find (Dub)
Stiff Little Fingers – Bloody Dub
Generation X – Wild Dub
Flesh For Lulu – I’m Not Like Everybody Else (Dub Version)
The Pogues – Young Ned Of The Hill (Dub Version)
The Clash – One More Dub
Bauhaus – Here’s The Dub (She’s In Parties)
Leftfield – Dub Gussett
Air – How Does It Make You Feel? (Adrian Sherwood Mix)
Massive Attack vs Mad Professor – Radiation Ruling The Nation (Protection)
Reverend And The Makers – Sundown On The Empire (Adrian Sherwood On U Sound Disneydubland)
The Clash – Robber Dub
The Specials/Rico Rodriguez – Ghost Town (Extended Mix)

Electronic Rudie!

One Night Stand

Can’t believe I’ve not posted anything by The Aloof before. This remix is a stunner- Ashley Beedle’s thirteen minute take on their One Night Stand from 1996. The instrumentation (dramatic and sweeping strings, tabla, the kitchen sink) is good enough on it’s own but taken with singer Ricky Barrow’s extraordinary voice (and self loathing of the one night stand) it’s almost too much for one record to contain. The Aloof contained two Sabres Of Paradise and one Red Snapper (which sounds a bit like an alternative, clubby version of the twelve days of Christmas).

One Night Stand (The Long Night and The Samba)

Going Ballistic

The Ballistic Brothers made a handful of laid back, jazzy, electronic, street albums in the 1990s. I sometimes wish they’d toughen up at bit, dig deeper into Ashley Beedle’s reggae and Rocky and Diesel’s house backgrounds, but there’s some good stuff in the back catalogue. London Hooligan Soul from 1995 has the very ace ska tribute song Peckings, which appeared here well over a year ago. The album also has highly entertaining sleeve notes romantically detailing ‘London hooligan soul’ life- bunking school, casual clothing (Fila, Lacoste, Lois, Tachini), Blair Peach, soul weekenders, Studio One, the Tory government, The Jam, Phuture, East Grinsted, Bognor, poll tax riots- ‘a thousand stories of promised lands and meccas’. This song closed the album.

Railway Crossing

We’ve been camping near Carnforth, Lancashire this weekend for a friend’s 40th (cold nights, no rain, sunny days, drunken evenings, very good all told). We were waiting at a level crossing with this Underworld song pumping away on the car stereo, complete with ringing bells and the sound of trains whooshing past.