Thin White Rope

There was a chain of record shops in the 80s called Penny Lane Records, well stocked, biased towards 60s, indie, garage, guitars, surly staff, that kind of thing. They had a branch at the top of Penny Lane in Liverpool, one in the town centre on Bold Street and one in Chester. I bought Thin White Rope’s Red Sun in the Chester branch in 1988. Dunno why I remember why I bought this record there, I just do. I’d read about Thin White Rope in the NME or Melody Maker, maybe they had the much coveted Single Of The Week spot. Without the internet you had to take a chance in them days, often buying something unheard. Crazy, eh kids?

Thin White Rope came out of the Paisley Underground scene but the songs on Red Sun are much more in the desert rock/90s-2000s Americana vein, an earlier version of Calexico and their ilk. This is the one I remember off the e.p.

Town Without Pity

I don’t think I ever bought anything else by them. If I did, I haven’t got it any more. Or it’s been filed in the wrong place.

The picture is Man Ray’s portrait of Ernest Hemmingway, sporting hat and bandage.

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He’s From Barcelona

John Talabot is young and from Barcelona and has provided some really good remixes in recent times. His own album Fin is an electronic joy from start to finish, full of tense synths, deep basslines and edgy noises, and takes you on a head-nodding trip.

When The Past Was The Present

Jacqueline Goddard photographed by Man Ray, one of Man’s favourite models. She was a foot taller than him, feted by Paris society and died in 2003 aged 91.


… we’ve waited a long time.
Because the new album’s out, two and a half decades plus after the last.
Because it’s Kevin Rowland and he is always worth listening to.
Because they look great.
Because Mick Talbot, Pete Williams and Big Jim, all ex-Dexys, are in the band.
Because they mean it.
Because he’s still searching.
Because it’s Dexys.

Nowhere is Home

‘I now know no romantic situation, no money, success- nothing, can make me happy’.

I Must Be Dreaming

Public Image Ltd put out their new album today and if this track off the One Drop e.p. (from April) is anything to go by, it’ll be worth a punt. Lydon back on form and making good music for the first time in ages. This one’s got an nice groove, some good finger-picking stuff and John doing his thing in an understated way.

I Must Be Dreaming

Weatherall Mix Again

They’re popping up all over the place at the moment- another Andrew Weatherall mix at Soundcloud, this one available for free download. The Graeme Park one the other day was good but slightly spoilt by Graeme Park appearing between every track to tell us we were listening to Andrew Weatherall on the Graeme Park show. We know- that’s why we’re listening to it.

A reader called Niv left a comment from over a week ago about the Timothy J Fairplay Bird Scarer 12″ which I missed. If you’re still there Niv, yes please.


More Stone Roses. Its pretty commonly accepted now that Reni is the secret weapon, something made abundantly clear in Warrington last week. Apparently he drums backwards- he’s right handed and leads with his left or something like that, which explains his fairly unique fluid groove. Backing vocals too. The band were never the same after he left. And as the reformation press conference showed he’s witty and sharp too.

This is an instrumental, funky, rehearsal room thing from the 90s.

Groove (Black Magic Devil Woman)


Wilmot And Sunshine

There’s something about this weather that makes me want to play Sabres Of Paradise 1994 single Wilmot. From its Gun Club styled sleeve to Wonder’s scat vocal to the seriously dubby bassline to those wondrous snaking horns. Back in 1994 we returned home late, in a suitably altered state, and turned on the tiny black and white portable TV. Within minutes the video for Wilmot came on (it was some late night, after hours clubbing programme) with Lord Sabre, combat pants and creepers, leading a ragtag bunch of majorettes through the streets of London at dawn. It was very good then, and it is very good now. And, I suspect, the only music video Andrew Weatherall has starred in.

I’m not sure Wilmot was crying out for remixing (though Scruff’s skank version is a belter, obviously) but here’s Red Snapper’s version, which came out on a Warp Records compilation.

Wilmot (Red Snapper Remix)

The Return Of Friday Night Is Rockabilly Night 60

Oh this one’s good; Ersel Hickey, one cool looking rockabilly with a song that you won’t forget, especially the ‘boom-chikka-boom-ba-ba’ bit.

Goin’ Down That Road

I’ll have a cold beer and a rum and ginger if you’re asking.

Half Man Ray Half Biscuit

I’m calming down a bit now after Wednesday night’s Stone Roses gig. It still seems unbelievable.
Half Man Half Biscuit, almost inevitably, had something to say about secret gigs. Equally inevitably, I am posting it. It’s from a 1998 Peel Session.

Secret Gig

Sitting up nice and straight for Man Ray’s camera is Madge Garland, Australian born fashion journalist and teacher.

P.S. Yes, I am very pleased with the title.

Weatherall Mix Again

A reader called Colin (from Glasgow) emailed a few weeks ago with a link to the Weatherall 6 Mix where he spent two hours reminiscing with Terry Farley (who got on my tits a bit but there you go). I forgot to put it up here. Colin has been in touch again today with this tip off about a recent Weatherall mix, guesting for the final part of Graeme Park’s show (broadcast last Saturday, my birthday). It’s here at Mixcloud. Thanks Colin.

I’m still all in a tizz about Warrington to be honest.