Treasure Hunting

Those of you that come here for the dirty, dancier, electronic stuff will want to get a copy of this. Treasure Hunting, a compilation of three years of goodies from French label Astrolab, came out digitally last week with the cd to follow next week and a vinyl version in September. It’s a beauty with not a bad track on it, making a good companion piece to Andrew Weatherall’s Masterpiece compilation for Ministry of Sound. As well as Weatherall’s remix of Timothy J Fairplay there’s Justin Robertson’s Deadstock 33s, Daniel Avery, Scott Fraser (soon to be the number 2 release on Weatherall’s very limited Bird Scarer label), Mugwump, Hardway Bros, Marc Pinol,  Ana Helder and others. This is the album opener from Toby Tobias. Caution; could cause dancing.

Sauna Fauna


Delia’s Theme

Today HMI arrive for a random single subject inspection. We shall repulse them with the quality of our provision, our tracking system and progress measuring and work sampling, our short, medium and long term plans, our intention to always strive to be outstanding. If that fails maybe I’ll distract them with Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Delia’s Theme

Meanwhile back at the underground studio/bunker complex, if you’re into Astrolab Recordings and their chuggy chuggy sound (featuring Mr Weatherall, Mr Fairplay, Mr Avery, Mr Fraser, Mr Robertson and his Deadstock 33s and Mr Mugwump amongst others) then this compilation looks right up your alley.