Isolation Mix Fourteen

Isolation Mix 14 or Songs The Lord Sabre Taught Us. Fourteen songs, an hour and a quarter mix of records played by Andrew Weatherall. Most of them, not quite all but most, I heard first because he included them in a set or a mix on the internet or one of his radio shows, for 6 Mix or Music’s Not For Everyone, or he referred to them in an interview. The quality of the songs and the breadth of genres and styles tells you everything you need to know about his taste and ear for a tune. The selection of songs here spans 1956 to 2019 and covers rockabilly, blues, 60s modbeat, post- punk, weird southern blues/ rock/ gumbo, 80s dance and proto- house, krautrock, Paisley Underground guitar heroics, 21st century fuzz rockers and electro- cosmische funkers, ambient- drone, avant- disco and a 70s country tinged ballad. Something for everyone.

Cowboys International: The ‘No’ Tune

James Luther Dickinson: O How She Dances

Wayne Walker: All I Can Do Is Cry

The Animals: Outcast

Johnny Jenkins: Walk On Gilded Splinters

The Dream Syndicate: John Coltrane Stereo Blues

Crocodiles: Foolin’ Around

Liaisons Dangereuses: Los Ninos Del Parque

Fujiya & Miyagi: Extended Dance Mix

La Dusseldorf: Rheinita

AMOR: Paradise

Piano Fantasia: Song For Denise (Maxi Version)

Rich Ruth: Coming Down

Donnie Fritts: We Had It All

Calming Signals

Ambient music from Nashville, not the kind of music you necessarily expect to find coming from Nashville, which makes this even more of an unexpected treat. Rich Ruth composes his music at home, minimalist and repetitive, improvisational, drones and synths, beautiful melodies riding over the top. While recording the album he was held at gunpoint outside his house and carjacked and when he went back to finish the record found that he was pouring his trauma and emotions into the songs. What was deeply unpleasant for Rich has resulted in an exceptional album, out shortly physically and  already available digitally at Bandcamp.  In places Calming Signals is quite unsettling, dissonant and discordant. In others its more soothing and chilled. The track below, Coming Down, a lush, building piece really starts to soar when the ecstatic saxophone floats around over the top.

Calming Signals by Rich Ruth