Monday’s Long Song

Another Monday, another Weatherall remix. This one came out in 1995, a Sabres of Paradise remix of Fun>Da>Mental. At seven and a half minutes long it’s in no rush to get anywhere very quickly and has some very dusty and lazy sounds floating on top of the stoned groove. In fact, the title Mother In India (Sabres At Dusk Mix) is a pretty accurate description of what it sounds like.

Mother India (Sabres At Dusk Mix)

It was coupled with the eight minute Sabres At Dawn Mix, a similar but less sleepy version.

Mother India (Sabres At Dawn)

The sleeve listed inspirational mothers, sisters and daughters throughout history that Fun>Da>Mental wanted to pay tribute to, from Indira Gandhi and Benazir Bhutto to Boudica, Marie Curie, Betty Shabazz, Joan of Arc, Miriam Makeba, Mahalia Jackson, Emily and Sylvia Pankhurst, Angela Davies, Harriet Tubman, Coretta Scott King and Alice Walker.

This remix was one of the last Sabres of Paradise ones and I’m sure I read somewhere recently that it was the first tie that Andrew and Keith Tenniswood really worked together one to one so in some ways the Two Lone Swordsmen were born here. In 1995 the Sabres studio was above a dry cleaners in Hounslow, on the Flightpath Estate and I can hear some of the sound of the first Two Lone Swordsmen album, 1996’s The 5th Mission (Return To The Flightpath Estate), in these two remixes.

To come bang up to date the fifth monthly Woodleigh Research Facility three track ep came out on Friday, a set of songs called Karra Mesh. Sonically and thematically the title track fits in very well with the two Fun>Da>Mental remixes above, the sounds he was exploring two and a half decades ago still circling.

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Unlikely Remix

I don’t how these two crossed paths but in 1999 Jim Reid, fresh from the recently split up Jesus And Mary Chain, remixed Fun-Da-Mental’s Ja Sha Taan. Fun-Da-Mental make political, electronic, agit-prop mixing in rap, Asian sounds and Qawwali singers, in this case Nawazish Ali Khan. Jim Reid makes feedback drenched, American influenced, British indie rock. This remix manages to cover both bases.

More Audrey (Thrice)

While I’m on a roll, from 1995, Fun-Da-Mental remixed by Weatherall’s Sabres Of Paradise. According to wiki Fun-Da-Mental are a ‘multi-ethnic, hip hop, ethno-techno, world fusion music group…with an outspoken political stance’. Strange to think that this kind of thing was all the rage in the mid-90s.

04 Mother India [Sabres Of Paradise Sabres At Dawn Remix].wma