Bad Insect

Earlier this year a reader, Henry from Manhattan (but now Henry from Brooklyn), got in touch and I posted a song by his band Zula. He got in touch again recently having bought a Sandals record from Discogs following it being posted here. Nice how these little ripples spread around the world isn’t it.

Henry also wrote about Nigel Godrich’s new band/project Ultraista (at this point insert ‘most famous for his work with Radiohead’). There’s been one of those remix competitions where you can download the stems and do what you like with them. I am often quite tempted by these but never get round to it. Henry’s done a remix of Bad Insect by Ultraista which you can listen to and download from Soundcloud; it’s nicely groovy and melodic and as one commenter puts it ‘Baggy remix!’. The more listens it gets, the more chance it has of making the final list.