Lying, Cheating

I’m not really a fan of Led Zeppelin. For years I avoided them like the plague. Some time in the mid 90s I realised I could tolerate, even enjoy, some of the first album (Communication Breakdown, Your Time Is Gonna Come, Good Times Bad Times especially), a bit of the second, the folkier parts of the third. And Kashmir. Goes without saying that. In fact even some of the ridiculous rock stuff like Immigrant Song and Rock And Roll. But I can probably get by with a forty minute compilation.

Sandie Shaw covered Your Time Is Gonna Come. It’s not as out-there as her cover of Sympathy For the Devil off the same album and it’s not necessarily the sort of song you’d associate with her. Which is maybe why she did it.

Your Time Is Gonna Come


Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Here’s one for that curious cover versions compilation/playlist you’ve been meaning to make- Sandie Shaw doing Sympathy For The Devil in 1969. Crazed and frantic, it’s a million miles from the Eurovision stuff of two years before and the Smiths collaboration of the mid 80s. The album, Reviewing The Situation, also has a fair stab at Led Zeppelin’s Your Time Is Gonna Come and a Donovan cover but this is the WTF? moment, if you’ll excuse the young persons slang.

Sympathy For The Devil