Arabian Filter

Something hot and sultry for your Friday morning in the shape of a Mojo Filter edit of Siouxsie And The Banshees’ Arabian Knights. The original version was a single from the album Juju, released in 1981. This is a dance floor reworking, with groove and space and Siouxsie’s vocals a little distanced. It should function equally well in your kitchen when you open the gin/wine tonight. Free download too.


Man Ray Pill Party

Tying together Monday’s and Tuesday’s posts in a way that makes it almost look like this thing is planned and not veering about all over the place this is The Time And Space Machine (Richard Norris, ex of The Grid from yesterday) remixed by Mojo Filter  (who remixed Brian Eno on Monday). Pill Party In India came out as a single back in February, with a couple of remixes. The album, Taste The Lazer, is out now and you should really think about getting it if you fancy an acid-house/psychedelic trip round the innerverse and outerverse. This remix has basslines that squelch, Indian instruments plucked about with, lashings of strings and vocals and is very groovy.

Pill Party In India (Mojo Filter Om Nava Shiva Remix)

Today’s Man Ray photo portrait is of Russian dancer and choreographer Bronislava Nijinska. Pictured in the aftermath of one enormous pill party.

Without Music Blogs

Without music blogs I would never have discovered this- Mojo Filter’s Remix of Brian Eno’s Another Green World. Remixing Brian Eno carries some risk but this carries it off brilliantly. It is utterly beautiful, nearly ten minutes of blissful, upbeat splendour. Davy H of The Ghost Of Electricity fame posted it last autumn and every time I listen to it I’m glad he did. The joy of sharing eh?

Another Green World (The Blue Realm Remix)

Back to the Man Ray photos, something else I can’t get enough of; this time Nancy Cunard, writer, heiress to a shipping line and political activist. She rejected her upper class family, instead fighting fascism and racism while hanging around with Aldous Huxley, Man Ray, Ernest Hemmingway, James Joyce, William Carlos Williams and Wyndham Lewis among others.