Tony, Scott And Gary

The Grim Reaper has taken his toll recently and while the rush to Tweet/blog/post about celebrity deaths is a bit odd sometimes I thought I should pay tribute to three men who’ve all affected me at one time or another.

Tony Benn has been the subject of many words, now that he’s died all complimentary, many spoken by people who wouldn’t have had much good to say about him in his heyday- but that’s politics. I saw him speak in the late 80s, the best political orator I’ve had the pleasure to listen to. He was a constant champion of the left. I’ve read some of his diaries and can recommend them thoroughly. He was pipe smoker of the year at least once.

Scott Asheton was the drummer of The Stooges and if you listen to Funhouse or the first album you’ll know why he was such a crucial part of their neanderthal sound. He had a stroke a few years ago and tried to continue with Iggy and the reformed Stooges. He died at the weekend.

TV Eye (Take 1)

Gary Burger was the lead singer of mid-60s proto-punks The Monks, surely one of the most bizarre bands ever- a group of US G.I.’s with tonsures and robes, stationed in Germany, playing organ led garage rock, freaking out the flower children with songs of hate.