My daughter Eliza was born fourteen years ago today, arriving at four minutes to five on a Saturday morning back in 2003. She’s been barely a moment of trouble ever since apart from a worrying diversion into Ed Sheeran’s most recent album. Chatham troubadour Pete Molinari had a song for an Eliza on his 2010 A Train Bound For Glory album.

For Eliza

When I was fourteen, in 1984, the number one single in the UK this week was Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Cold War epic Two Tribes, riding in on Trevor Horn’s thunderous production. Not quite as good as Relax but then not much else at that time was. The spoken intro warning of nuclear war still sends shivers down the spine. This version (below) was for the 30th anniversary of their Welcome To The Pleasure Dome album.

Get Real

March! Springtime! Lambs frolicking in the fields, driving home from work in the daylight, the promise of some sunshine. And to celebrate here’s former Frankie Goes To Hollywood man Paul Rutherford’s 1988 acid house track Get Real. Banned by the Beeb. Co-written by ABC’s Martin Fry. Are you happy?

Get Real