Saturday Night Avery Farah Mix

Or Mo’ Farah as I could have called this post. Daniel Avery did this mix for Farah a year ago-slow, groovy, throbbing electronic stuff and free download too.

Farah have rebooted themselves in recent years by claiming their stuff is ‘vintage workwear’, sticking a hefty pricetag on the clothing and producing stuff that gets featured in glossy mags. Before that Farah was easily and cheaply available in old men’s shops like Greenwoods and Sunwins in any suburban shopping precinct. Further back, when I was at secondary school circa ’84-85, Farah trousers were a must have for school. Black or grey, worn with a round necked jumper (school tie underneath). The important thing was that the little yellow tag and F on the back pocket showed. Not strictly against school uniform rules but bringing a little bit of terrace chic into the classroom.