Papua New Guinea

Ok, last one in this particular run of posts- the extended, tranced and pounding Weatherall remix of Papua New Guinea. Future Sound Of London’s original was more than enough in some ways but Weatherall redefined epic with this one in 1992. Are those seagulls I can hear?

Papua New Guinea (Andrew Weatherall Mix)

And just to bring us bang up to date this is Weatherall’s remix of David Holmes’s Unloved group and their When A Woman Is Around song, a highlight from the recent album- bass heavy and keeping parts of the spoken word section of the song. Out on 12″ for Record Shop Day next month.

The Mighty Ming

As this is turning into a Sabres remix themed week some of you may cheer and some may quietly close the page and go browsing elsewhere but my compilation cd also threw up this track, a remix of Brothers Love Dubs, who were Alan Bremner, Dave Seaman and Steve Anderson. I can’t tell you anything else about them except the Dave Seaman isn’t the former ponytailed England and Arsenal goalkeeper but a relatively well known dj and editor of Mixmag. This remix is excellent.

The Mighty Ming (Sabres Of ParadiseRemix)

And this one is too.

The Mighty Ming (Sabres Of Paradise Slow Mix)

Would kids today sit and watch the 1930s version of Flash Gordon on their Saturday mornings? We did, constantly. Ming the Merciless was played by Charles Middleton, accompanied in the picture by Princess Aura (Shirley Deane).

Jungle Bill

A third Weatherall/Sabres remix from the compilation cd found recently and another one I’ve never posted before. Yello are an electronic outfit from Switzerland. Sabres Of Paradise provided at least two remixes of Jungle Bill in 1992, both of which were long and groovy, a bit tribal and trancey, but I sometimes think Weatherall was playing within himself with these.

Jungle Bill (Sabres Of Paradise Mix 1)

Let There Be Drums

Another remix from the homemade cd I found, this one of Deep Joy by Andrew Weatherall in 1990. A chunky beat, nice piano riff, some choppy guitar and a sax that dominates. I don’t know exactly who Deep Joy were (the track is credited to Chad Page and Deep Joy and produced by David Harrow). Well Balearic.

Fall (Let There Be Drums) Weatherall Remix

I’m Checking Out Her Rhythms

One of the home made cd compilations I found in a box recently had a bunch of Sabres Of Paradise remixes on it, which have been happily soundtracking some of my recent journeys. This one stands out- a particularly dark and thumpy remix of Renegade Soundwave from 1995. ‘I’m checking out her rhythms’ the buried vocal intones.

Brixton (Sabres Of Paradise Remix)

The dub mix from the 12″ is also pretty essential. Renegade Soundwave have a back catalogue full of rhythms that are worth checking out.

Brixton (Dub)

Across The Volga

Here’s an hour long mix from Timothy J Fairplay done for the Volga River Rhythm Club.

Spaced Out

Last week the excellent One Song A Day series at the When You Can’t Remember Anything At All blog presented a song from Spacemen 3’s Recurring album. Big City (Everybody I Know Can Be Found Here) is a ten minute pulse, drifting beautifully with Pete Kember’s hazy drawl. The album was released after the group broke up with Pete (Sonic Boom) getting his songs on side 1 and Jason Pierce taking side 2, with a bunch of songs that point his way to Spiritualized. It’s not a competition but right now Sonic Boom’s songs are the ones that are doing it for me more.

Actually it probably is/was a competition.

I Love You

You In My Hut Now

A full on, all the bells and whistles, Marshall Jefferson sampling 1988 hip-house hit (with the emphasis on house as much as the hip hop) from Jungle Brothers and Todd Terry on production. Still sounds massive and still likely to cause spontaneous dancing and throwing of shapes.

I’ll House You


Sad news yesterday with the news that Phife Dawg has died aged just 45. Phife (Malik Taylor) was a founder member of A Tribe Called Quest along with Q-Tip. The freshness of their debut album, along with De La Soul and The Jungle Brothers at the same time, cannot be overstated. So many great tunes contained within. I always loved I Left My Wallet In El Segudo especially the ‘I ordered enchiladas and I ate ’em’ line for some reason.

The group’s second album The Low End Theory was less Daisy Age, a more stripped back hip hop record. They always knew where they stood politically and socially and the wordplay, rhymes, vocal interplay and rhythms on this track are stunning.



Ooh, I needed to hear something like this tonight. Bagging Area’s promotion of the output of Steve Cobby continues unabated. This track, done in collaboration with Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire, as I’m sure you know), is rippling pleasure, transporting you away from it all for five and a half minutes. And with all the stuff that’s going on around us at the moment, maybe that’s as much as we can hope for.

It’s being released on the excellent Throne Of Blood label with remixes by Max Pasc, Mark E and the always good Man Power.