Alarm Clock

This is the tune I was looking for before getting distracted by West India Company, a 1990 offering from German DJ West Bam (Maximillian Lenz). Offering doesn’t really do this speaker shaking 12″ justice. It’s a slap in the face and a shiver down the spine with a juddering riff (sampled from Gang Of Four apparently and then borrowed from this by Weatherall for his legendary My Bloody Valentine remix) and a Tutonic breakbeat. Wakey wakey!

Alarm Clock

In 2013 West Bam released a new album which had this song on it, She Wants, with vocals by Bernhard Sumner (sic) and a slightly disturbing, NSFW video. If last year’s new New Order album had been more like this, I’d have liked it more.

She’s Dressed For The H-Bomb

Oh so influential and name-dropped left, right and centre a few years ago Leeds agit-post-punkers Gang of Four were dour but funky. This is one of their best songs- I Found That Essence Rare- with it’s wire-scaping-against-wire guitars, propulsive rhythm and lyrics taking in the H Bomb, Bikini (Atoll) and bikini’s, tabloid newspapers, politics, class war and other very 80s concerns. Gang Of Four also sang ‘To hell with poverty, we’ll get drunk on cheap wine’-definitely been there.

01 I Found That Essence Rare.wma